Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An Awesome Christmas Present

On Sunday I experienced something
that blessed me like crazy!

It was the baptism of our middle
son, Mikey.

Sticking with his usual tendency
toward the extreme... Michael had decided
that our church's normal form of baptism,
sprinkling, wasn't wet enough for him.

It was good enough for Chelsea and Jonathan...

He and two others specifically requested
immersion baptism.

This meant that he had to wait until we
could arrange an opportunity to use a
pool and all of the details could come

Finally Sunday was the day.

He was so sweet as Pastors Jack and Mike
asked him to confirm his faith and the
reason for baptism.
Pastor Jack just received a pacemaker
after Thanksgiving so there were some
jokes about whether or not he might
"short out"! Thank goodness that was
never a real risk. We love that man!

Then it was over.
I wanted to yell that they
should put him in again...
but I didn't!
Must be where he gets it!

We sang the song,
What can Wash Away My Sin,
Nothing but The Blood of Jesus!

I did fine all the way through the second
verse and then the tears began to flow.
A little boy standing by me looked up and
saw my tears. He quickly came over and
took my hand and stood close.
His mother and I explained to him
that my tears were happy tears.
But his sensitivity and caring
were touching!

Such sweet relief to have three children
who are seeking the Lord and His will
for their lives. I know we are wonderfully
blessed and give God all the Glory!

We pray always that these young people's
hearts remain tender.

Before the baptisms it was fun to watch the little children
in our congregation watch and learn.
Their little eyes were wide
as Pastor Mike talked about the meaning
of baptism!
One day many of these will
make decisions to follow Jesus and they
will demonstrate it publicly in baptism.

Love it!



Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Becky...
Sweetie Praise God. The most wonderful Christmas present a Mother could ever ask for. Thank you for sharing this blessed event with me this morning. Isn't it wonderful to know that God is alive?

Have a beautiful day sweetie.

Country hugs...Sherry

Brittany Ann said...

How beautiful! What a special time for him and your whole family! Thanks for sharing this with us! It's blessing to see others baptized in the name of the Father!

Mrs.Rabe said...

It was a special time for the whole church...

Carol said...

Great post, Becky. I love that hymn!

Elena said...

That is so awesome Becky! I understand the tears of joy. I do that a lot too:)

Phyllis said...

It is a blessing to see young people obey the Lord in baptism. What a blessing for all who were there to witness.

Vickie said...

Becky - what a wonderful day when we can say that all our kids are saved and belong to the Lord! I'm ready for Jesus to come back any day now, because all my kids are saved! Isn't that the most wonderful feeling in the world!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the family Mikey!!!

Persuaded said...

Oh Becky! That is a wonderful "Christmas gift!" Our church practices immersion baptism and both of my teen girls were horrified at the prospect of appearing in front of the whole congregation looking like drowned rats... in the end though they decided it was worth the indignity. It was so moving for all of us, and such a special time for them to look back on always. Give your Mikey a ((hug)) from this older sister-in-the-Lord♥

LV said...

What a wonderful blessed occasion. Thank you for sharing this event and special time in your son's life as well as yours.

Melissa G. said...

How special!

A few weeks ago we had a baptism and some friends from church were baptized. It was such a blessing to see!