Wednesday, December 9, 2009

If It Were Snow!

It would add up to feet!

The rain is coming down so
hard I could hear it from the
comfort of my bed.

It was such that I thought
perhaps the forecasters got
it wrong and that I might
be hearing sleet.

However, after a quick peek
it is just heavy rain.

So our pretty white snow will
be washed away and the mud will
be our prominent feature.

Poor Chelsea may resign herself to
the artificial tree...
Getting a real one would be such a
messy proposition and she is so
ready to get to decorating.

Well, it is back to the candle kitchen
for me. I have not run out of orders
yet...It has been months now, of
steady work. What a blessing!

Last night I made a special candle.

Saturday, at the craft show,
a woman stopped in front
of my display and said,
"I love these candles."
I replied,
"You like soy candles, or..."
She said, "No, I love your candles!"

Turns out she had purchased one last
year and was very happy to get to order
another of the exact same scent.
Birds of Paradise.

So, my counter last night looked like
that game of which of these things is
not like the other.

A lot of green potpourri spice candles
and one teal Birds of Paradise.
The kids had friends over and they
had been popping in and out of the kitchen.
I told them that something had gone wrong.
How strange that this candle would turn
that color!

They were perplexed for just a bit until
I 'fessed up. I would feel badly for them
but I think they have some video of me that
should be burned...
It is dangerous to be in our house when
the kids' friends are here.
They are all into photography.
Lets just say that I was on the floor
putting on some Christmas Music... there
may be video of my less flattering side.

It got quiet and then there was a lot
of giggling when I suggested they might
not want to be taking such a photo!
It was then that I found out it was
video! Great!

It is very common for me to come around
a corner and find a camera in my face.
I have come to just make a face and let
them take the picture. It has to come
out so ugly that they just delete it.

So, if I pick on them a bit...
it is justified!

I do hope you find many reasons
to smile today...and you know a good
belly laugh is great for you...
so look for the funny in life,
if you can.

Thanks for stopping by!



detweilermom said...

Dave is wishing he had what we ar having as he is stuck in the blizzard in Iowa. He will not be able to drive again until tomorrow at the earliest. Your Candles sound wonderful.

SmilingSally said...

Very few people enjoy having their pictures taken; I suppose that why Hollywood types are a bit "strange."

~~Deby said...

smiling...just reading this..good enough for :-)

Kelly said...

Those young photographers also like to take photos and video footage of some very unusual things. Maybe they are destined for Hollyweird. Ha! Ha!

I'm glad your candle business is still going strong.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I didn't hear anything about video....I'll make sure if they have some it gets deleted!