Friday, May 9, 2008

3:30 am

It has been a while since I have seen this time of day...
rather than snore through it, that is.

A thunderstorm woke me and then my restless mind
took over and kept me awake. Potential jobs for the
kids, upcoming surgery, the economy, continuing ed
that needs to be completed, things I need to do for
some clients soon! Just stuff! Busy brain!

I was perusing some blogs and was caught up by
Mishel at Seasons of Life.
She was talking about mothering and ministry.

She forced me to think back to the time our children
were young and how hard it was for me to accept that in
that time being a Mommy was my calling.

Intellectually, I knew that what I was doing was important
but the day to day of changing diapers, cleaning up toys
and cheerios just did not seem life shattering. I yearned
to do something with visible impact.

Oh, if only I could have seen the impact being made right
there in our home. To see how every day our children were
learning to trust, to love, to care for others, to work together,
becoming a family who loves the Lord first.

It is not easy to see when you are
in that stage and everything else seems
more appealing... most days.

You look around and everyone seems to be doing church,
in the community.
Somehow changing that millionth diaper paled in comparison.

I would encourage all mothers of young children that there is not
anything else that God desires from you at this season of your life
than to seek Him for wisdom and to be consistent in the raising of
those children.
Loving them.
Guiding them.
Keeping your home.
Giving those young children the example of parents who love and
care for each other.
Very changing, really!!!

Take heart, young day you will find gray hairs
sprouting...your little ones will be teenagers...then you can
worry and!

Sorry, that is where I am today...since I am a slow learner I would
welcome encouragement from those who have passed this way...
it would seem our teens need us almost as much as the little guys
did. It is just different.

I have the best kids on the planet.
Now to be the Mom they need...



black eyed susans kitchen said...

Becky, Maybe I was could be a state of mind. Since my kids are on their way out of the nest, I have been restless and concerned for the what will I do now syndrome. It came to me last week, that I was doing the job, had the career that I most wanted, and worked hard to be the best I could. I feel less restless and more confident that when my last child (who is now 16) leaves home, I will ease into a new career path. I will not worry about it anymore because I will be enjoying these last few years of my career as a stay at home mother:)

Elijah's Mommy said...

Hi Becky,
You're right. Thanks for the encouragement to keep picking up the cheerios one day at a time!
And if anyone has any potty training tips, send them my way! =)

Alicia said...

Becky I just have to say that you write very well at 3:30 in the am!!! Very true post!

Mary Isabella said...


Good kids do not get that way by themselves. Since you have good kids that shows you are doing one amazing job of raising them. It sounds to me like you are one of the best Mothers on the planet. Keep doing the beautiful job you are doing now and you will be rewarded in your golden years.

Happy Mothers Day to you .....Hugs...Mary

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Becky...I have to admit that for many years it did seem almost mundane...but now that my children are older I now realize how important I am in their life and I feel so Blessed to be able to school them from home and be here for them. I think for many years I was probably thinking there was something "more"...but now I feel so settled...and I wouldn't change a thing! I know this is what the Lord had planned for me.
Happy Mother's Day to you!
Big Hugs,

Becky K. said...

Thank you all for your comments.
It is a wonderful challenge to parent. I do love it...most of the time!
Becky K.