Friday, May 30, 2008

A Gift of Friendship

There I was
just a minding my business
in the Library,
with kids at my side.

Along came a warning,
from young ones of mine,
"Beware, strangers behind!"
I knew from their tone
quite the opposite was true
and was blessed as I turned
and I spied,
Mrs. Rabe and Dear Emily beside.

They smiled as they said,
"We were headed your way
with something
to brighten your day."

How sweet, I thought,
as I finished my task
and received back
our books by the stack.

We headed outside and Miss Emily brought
something sweet, oh so sweet,
to place in my willing hands.

Yes, dear friends, Mrs. Rabe has
shared something lovely with me,
a cutting from her rose peony.

Look, it is here...

Amazing color, and the smell simply bliss.
Better yet, the love, that comes with the gift.
To think that this friend was thinking of
me as she cut and so carefully carried
these blooms over winding, bumpy roads
to a chance meeting at our shared library.

I thank God for her, and for Emily dear,
for these are the blessings so rare.
Friends who go beyond just a cursory glance.
Who share kindness...
naturally as breathing in air.


Tracy said...

What a splendid gift--those peonies are gorgeous! What a scrumptious color...And what a very beautiful thing to do. Enjoy those flowers, and your weekend ((HUGS))

Mrs. Rabe said...

You are very sweet
it is such a treat
to have you for a friend.

Blessings on your day!

Anonymous said...

Pretty flowers!! What a sweet gift!

KJ said...

Becky, this is a wonderful post! How great to use poetry to celebrate kindness and the marvels of creation!

Thanks for brightening my day!

Elijah's Mommy said...

That's so sweet!

lady jane said...

What a blessing ~ friendship and flowers (especially unexpected!).

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I love peonies....Those are gorgeous!