Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our Deck

We have lived in this house nearly five years.

We have enjoyed time on the deck.

There are even pictures of Mikey doing his schoolwork on the side wall of the deck. He wanted to stand on the roof but that was going just a bit far for me. The kid just loves the rush of adrenalin!

There is just one huge problem...the sun!

Every day, about the time we would love to enjoy our evening meal, if the weather is suitable and we want to eat out on the deck...the sun blasts in.
Rather like a laser!
This limits our desire to eat out there. So...being the avid blogger that I have become, tooling here and there, I have come to a solution for this space.

A Pergola!
Sure enough!

The progression went something like this.

First Miss Paula started the whole porch sitting thing.

I, of course, bought into that.
It is a lovely concept.
Not having a porch, however, I am left with the deck.
An imperfect, dysfunctional deck.
I do not like grinds on me...
I tend to ignore it and it only gets worse!

Then over at The Inspired Room, the lovely Melissa has been showcasing outdoor living spaces. One of these had a pergola and vines. Ooooohhh. Maybe this would bring us closer to my goal of perfection.

Next came the challenge of communicating this to sweet Warren.

He was very open to making changes in the area of the deck.

So, after much time spent searching and reviewing styles we have decided that our deck shall get a pergola roof.

Now, Monday, as we spent time at Longwood Warren gathered some pictures of pergola style covers. This is what he got.

I can't decide if white, natural or redwood stain would be best here. I love the idea of redwood stain as it would go so nicely with our shutters and doors. Warren is not sure that we can stain our existing deck or the treated lumber we may use to make the pergola.

Suggestions? Have you preferred one over another for maintenance reasons?

So, dear friends, at least two of you responsible for this change...Thank You....and keep your eyes on Hospitality Lane for some fun changes to our Outdoor Living Space.
We will be busily power washing and sealing the deck, then building the pergola of our dreams...


Mrs. Rabe said...

We have been talking of a pergola for our deck for several years. It seems that there are always more projects than money! So I got a cute red umbrella for the deck and now I can enjoy sitting out there more!

Miss Paula said...

I am so sorry!! I didn't mean for you to change your whole deck!!!!

How about a white wash look? I have no idea about decks except that I sit on Dee's when I am there!! My DH would like to put one on in the back too!!

With all that, I love the idea and it would be cooler and have shade and in a few years you will be kissing my feet!!! LOL

lady jane said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

I need to talk to Rocky about all this. We need one. We already have one, but we need another. And that really gives me an idea cuz the one we have is heavily covered in grape vine and the aroma of concord grapes defies description and our little 2 person table and chairs would fit oh so nicely in that spot on a hot day. Thank you!!!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Oh, how lovely it will be, whatever you choose! Lovely AND practical!

I can't wait to see how it all turns out!! Pergolas are really charming!!

Happy day!