Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Great Day!

Yesterday was one of those days that would
be great if you could wrap up and put in a
box for enjoyment later.

This picture shows me with my sweet children,
totally exhausted...but happy!

It was so pleasant from beginning to end.

I began the day by running to a local
grocery store for things we would need
for a picnic later. The main thing I
wanted was good angus steak. We don't
use this very often but it is an event if
we do because it is so good...and expensive!

Having already planned to leave our driveway
at 9am for Longwood Gardens I made it back to
the house at 8:45 and had the kids unload the
car while Warren and I put things away and
gathered drinks and snacks for the car.

We all piled in the van...I strategically
sat in the very middle of the van so all
aboard would be able to hear me reading
Agatha Christie's ABC Murder on the way
to the Gardens. This is our last week of
schoolwork so every minute counts. So, I
read aloud all the way to Kennett Square.
We did have to fill the Moms and Warren in
on the story to that point but no one
complained. Cool!

Finally, we arrived at the gardens and found it
to be pleasantly not terribly full...yet.

As we were in the tower our cell phone rang.
Some friends had arrived. We were unsure if
they were coming and so were absolutely
thrilled to see them. They have been regulars
at Longwood for so long that the Newspapers used
them as a feature family when the new children's
section opened.

I am going to break up the photos taken into several
posts...so this is just the dialog of the day.

The weather was stunning and we all had a great time
there before leaving around 1pm.

We came home and I enjoyed a much needed nap.
By the end of our visit at Longwood I wasn't
sure I was going to be able to make it out of
there by my own strength. This recovery is
going well but I still have limits.

Finally, to end the day we enjoyed a very
tasty meal that involved that grilled steak,
Mom's famous potato salad, Georgia's spinach
and lettuce salad and baked beans and potatoes.


We ate on the deck which is about to go through
a transformation...again, another post. There is
so much to tell you! I cannot wait.

I seem to be getting back into my usual, enthusiastic
self. It is good, because the other post that will
be coming up soon is the major church move and remodeling
project happening soon.
I am soooooooo happy!!!

Blessings on your day!

Becky K.

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