Thursday, May 8, 2008

Believing For a Miracle

The church saga continues.

We have been praying specifically for a
building which is situated in a very nice
location and which we know has been sitting
empty for the past two years.

I had contacted who I thought was the owner
only to be told he had been leasing the
building for the past ten years.

He strongly suggested I talk to the owner of
the building, which I did.

At that point this man had things stored in this
space and was not interested in renting it out.

Months passed. Many months.

Over those months,
we have been through so much as a church.

We have left the denomination
the church had been founded under.
We have a new name.
New bylaws have been written.
The incorporation papers are on their way
to the necessary agencies.
We have a vision of where we believe the
Lord is taking us. To fill the need for
an Family Integrated Church in the Mid to Southern
Lancaster County Area.
Our web site is coming along.
Those who could not make this leap with us
have moved on.

It has been hard.
Very hard.

We wanted to give up many times.

But now, there is a renewed hope.

I knew that it should not be me to
go back to request to see the building
again. Sometimes you just "know" these things.
I asked that one of the men be
responsible to make that contact.

Our Pastor took on the challenge.

God's timing was apparent.

The owner of the building had just cleared
everything out of the space and was preparing
it for rent...He and our Pastor went together
last week. Mike came back so excited.

We discussed the retail value of the space.
I figured easily this man could ask $2,000 to $2,500
and be well within reason. It is a very large space!

Those who were available went last evening to look.

We met the owner. A very nice gentleman.

After much discussion about what we would do
with each of the many areas in the building,
Mike brought up the subject of money.
We were told that the former tenants had paid
$2,500 month. Just what I thought.
We have 30 people on a good Sunday and none
of us are wealthy. With a full time Pastor this
is just more than we can afford on our own!

Pastor Mike, Warren and the owner of the building all
disappeared into a quiet section of the building.
The rest of us prayed.

This man's offer to us...$1,000 per month and he
will help get the building "church ready".

Is God good, or what?!??

I don't know if this is going to be the solution.
I certainly have not seen anything nearly as suitable
or the year or more that we have been looking.

Please pray with us.

We truly want to be a church with a purpose.
Reaching out and growing in this community.

I hope you see God at work in your life.
It is a beautiful thing.


Mrs. Rabe said...

That is very exciting Becky!

God moves in HIS time!

Alicia said...

Wow, God is good and He will bless you!