Saturday, May 10, 2008

Incredible Mother's Day Gift

Martie,at Hitting the High Notes, is one of my favorite bloggers.

Martie is getting the ultimate Mother's Day gift.
The adoption of a sweet little girl into their home.
If you do not choke up, just a little, reading her posts
I am concerned for the blood running though your veins,
it might be a bit thick.

It doesn't help the whole "dry eye" thing that there
is this lullaby playing sweetly in the background.
I am such a sucker for music! If you have time start a
few posts back at "Rose Colored Glasses".

This weekend Martie will be getting further acquainted
with the new one and then very soon it will be permanent.

Martie has been cooking up a storm in preparation to devote
her time to the process. The idea being that there
will not need to be a lot of time taken each day to
prepare meals. This time will instead be
focused on the wee one.

I hope that when this little girl
grows up she is able to look back on Hitting the High Notes
and enjoy the joy that her Mother was feeling as she poured
her time and effort into doing everything possible to make
the transition smooth.

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