Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Today we "celebrate" our American Soldiers who have given their lives at home and abroad for our freedom.

We think of the families who have lost so much. We attempt for just a scary minute to wonder what it must be like to have a loved one in harm's way or to receive that visit from men in uniform.

How tragic to have been one of the many, many receiving telegrams
in a World War.

I think of our current Military Families struggling to make sense out of news headlines...always wondering. Is that my _________?
I imagine the lump in the throat while they wait
to see if they are the ones who will
receive the bad news. Having watched friends
struggle through a son's deployment and injury
in Afghanistan I have seen the toll it takes on
those at home...and the soldier, himself or herself.

I see the "star" in the window of a neighbor's home as I drive by
and swallow a tear.

To all of these strong people...We say, "Thank You!"
You are an example of what makes America strong.
You sacrifice peace of mind for protection of me and mine.

Again I say, Thank You!

Feel free to leave your "Thank You" for
those we remember today in the comments.

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Tracy said...

Lovely post, Becky...And has me all teary-eyed. Living aboard now some years, I've not managed to be home in the States for a visit around Memorial Day. Hope you're doing good and having a great week, my friend ((HUGS))