Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I found something NEAT today!

We were just getting ready to hit the books when
the phone rang. It was a neighbor whose husband
had called her to inform her of an amazing amount
of flowers and plants for sale at his "Hay Auction."
He just knew she would be interested. Now she wanted
to know if I, or either of the Moms, might be interested
in going with her as these would have to be purchased
in larger than usual quantities.

Oh, my goodness, YES!

First, I love auctions!

The rush of the bidding.

The sound of the auctioneer as he/she works the crowd.

The competition...

You name it...I love it!

Neither Mom was available so Arlene
and I headed out on our adventure. We had
not been here before but that just added to
the anticipation.

We arrived to find a large warehouse full of
neatly aligned carts brimming with flowers, vegetables,
hanging baskets, even strawberries.

We quickly got our number and scoped out our choice
flowers. I was elected to be the bidder while Arlene
served as scout. We make a pretty good team!


We came home with:

15 Hot Pink Geraniums
3 flats of begonias
15 potted zinnias

These have been divided five ways and are
already adding color to our neighborhood
flower beds.

The plants are healthy and beautiful.
We will be going back for other varieties.
They should have flowers for the next few weeks.

I love the sense of community in a place
like this. The older farmers casually taking
in the excitement while waiting for their
turn to sell their hay...or in some cases to
purchase hay.

The flowers are an aside for these men, but I think,
a fairly welcome one. It gives them opportunity to
chat with their neighbors and friends. I delight in
stepping into a Norman Rockwell environment.
This day reminded me so much of being in
one of his paintings.

What a gift that came my way today!

Loved IT!!!

By the way...the kids did not miss out on
school. They continued working on their end of
the year reports, Chelsea did some math
and then we had bowling this afternoon with our co-op.
We are not going to fall behind at this late date!
We are ready to be done!

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