Friday, May 2, 2008

Just stuff!

Nothing in particular to say today...

Just stuff!

If you were to look over at my Homeschool
you will see my thoughts on homeschool
cooperatives. It is meant to be an encouragement
to those who may be struggling to find your
place in a co-op.

I am feeling pretty well today...considering.

Alicia had asked some time ago about Mikey's job.
Mikey works at a local feed store. He absolutely
loves it. I know we were led there.

A few years ago Mikey developed a strong desire
to raise chickens. We decided to follow this
interest and were given two banties. He called
them Nugget and Blue. In learning to care for
chickens and in getting supplies I got to be
familiar with this store and always felt that
it was an uplifting and encouraging place to be.

We ended up with a lot more than two chickens.
Then Mikey lost interest.
Warren has picked up where Mikey left off in
taking care of the chickens and he is not interested
in taking the five that are left to auction.
So, we have very expensive "free" eggs.

We are in a development so cannot let ours free range.
We do not keep roosters here, either, as they are pretty
close to a neighbor's home. So, no expansion...

Anyway, that was an aside.

When Mikey was 13 all he wanted to do was get a job.

He had to wait until he was 14 to work legally so we
thought about good places for him. I knew I did not
want to send such a young one into the Burger King or
McDonalds type atmosphere but wanted his first work
environment to be mostly adults.

Brett, the owner of this store, seemed the perfect person
for this. I asked him one day if he would ever consider a
hard working 14 year old and he handed me an application.

Mikey filled it out and he hand delivered it.
Brett let us down easy, saying that he usually
tries to find employees that are old enough to drive the fork
lift. We thought that was it.

Surprisingly, a week or so later Brett called.
He said that he had been impressed by the fact that
Mikey had delivered the application himself.
I guess a lot of mothers do that little errand.

Mikey had a job.

It has been just about a year.

Mikey has learned so much. I give Mikey school credit for
some of the three hours daily that he is at work.
It is truly a place of learning.
Mikey works the register, is responsible for
unloading the huge order that comes in
weekly. Inventories, loads customer orders, takes
phone bill payments, keeps the bird seed mixed and
filled, empties the trash, goes on deliveries, cleans
and straightens the warehouse and loves most minutes
of it.

Brett has asked if there are any areas in
particular he can work with Mikey to help with his
homeschool goals.
Can you believe it?
God is so good!

Seek His will and you will find it!!!!

I'm guessing that was more than Alicia was
wondering...but there you have it!

How is your day going?
I hope you are well.

A big thank you to those who left a
message for Flat Breanna.
I'll be getting that off to her.

My husband gets back from his three weeks away
tomorrow! I am so happy. This has been harder
than I really want to admit. I'll be so glad
to see him again! He is the human rock that I like
to lean on.

Have a happy day!


Mrs. Rabe said...

Mikey has really matured and done well with his job. I love that his boss is so supportive of Mikey's homeschooling etc...I think Mikey has made a great impression at work!

Tim has been talking chickens here, I do not want to think about that but, in the words of my grandma G.Lily,"you just don't never know!"

Tracy said...

So nice to at last stop by and catch up with you Becky...Happy weekend ((HUGS))