Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gardening Fun

Mom arranged with Warren's Mom, Georgia, to take Mikey to work in her truck and then to use the truck to bring back many, many bags of mulch. I decided as long as a truck would be there to go ahead and get some too.

The weather was perfect so with Jonathan's help we unloaded the mulch at our two houses then the real work began. I started my new flower bed...

It looked like this when I began...

It is not easy to remove grass. I started and was soon puffing and panting. Chelsea wanted to help. Pretty soon Jonathan joined us and the two of them worked together very well and very efficiently and got it done!
Made a Mommy proud!

We took the sod out in big chunks and relaid it into the mess left when they ground up the stump after we took down the tree. Funny story...if you haven't read it. Warren reworked that sod when he got home and I think it has a great chance of "taking" and growing there.

The end result.
Click on the pictures and they will enlarge...

Aren't these flowers sweet?

This hosta spent last summer looking dreadful!
I brought it over from Mom's since she was having a new porch put on and needed to move it. She shared it with me. The poor thing was so shocked...but look at it now!
What a difference a year makes!

These beauties are waiting to be planted. I think I'll put them where I can enjoy them from my kitchen window. They are so cheery.

Today I am headed to get a burning bush. I had intended to place it in this new flower bed but I am settling to put in nearby in the yard. Maybe next year this bed will expand to get closer to the size I am looking for. Better to start small and complete the project than to have it languish unfinished. Amen?


Tracy said...

Love this happy, flowery post, Becky...Happy Days ((HUGS)

Elijah's Mommy said...

Oh it's so pretty! I love all those bright cheerful flowers!

Miss Paula said...

Oh the leaves on the hosta? are pretty. Do they have flowers or just pretty leaves??? Your bed looks like the Amish ones I have seen!! Very nice!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Sounds fun! I love your Gerber Daisies - my friend's daughter used those pretty flowers with the bright colors for her wedding a few years ago! They looked smashing and cheerful!

Alicia said...

So pretty! I LOVE the flowers!! Spring is in the air!! Enjoy!