Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Blank Slate

Let me see if I can take you on a tour of the anticipated new church building. We are expecting to sign the lease this week and move in Saturday. The renovations won't start until next week as we will have a service here on Sunday.

First the outside:

Chelsea in the small garden area...She, Mikey and my Mother are very excited about landscaping this and making it beautiful!

This is the entrance area. It is hard to see since there is so much light coming in the door.

I wanted to show you the floor. This was a former flooring store so there are sample floors everywhere. We will be having carpet put down next week. This is in the large room that will serve as our sanctuary.

I guess I didn't take a picture of that whole room. I'll try to get that done so I have a before and after...

Just off that room you go up a ramp and into this area:

This is where the office and nurseries will be located. There are three smallish rooms that will be used for these purposes as well as the counter that you see here.
While we welcome young ones in our service it will be nice to have a space for the necessities and for the sleeping ones. We will also be getting our stash of toys out of storage for play times. Every church, family integrated or otherwise, benefits from a dedicated "safe" play place.

Inside one of the small rooms...

Here I picture our Library. It is a neat nook before you turn and go down another ramp...

into this very long room.
This room will serve very nicely as our Fellowship Hall.
A couple of us who love to bowl immediately thought bowling alley - Ha!

This is a shot into a large room that is off the Fellowship Hall.
We will have so much space compared to what we are used to. It will seem so amazing.

Can you just imagine what fun I have had with paint chips and carpet samples? Really! Soon the changes can begin! I might get a bit scarce during that stage of the game...or I might be here posting lots of pictures.

I am praising God for His apparent provision to keep a small family of Believers together and to bring in those He would have share in the Worship and Ministry.

Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

I love your flower pictures and the picture of you and your kiddos!! Also, I guess I missed the shoe thing but it says I am CLOGS and I should live in Europe!

What an answer to prayer for this building!!! It is perfect!! With paint and carpet it will be like new. Does it have a kitchen anywhere?? I was looking for one in the pictures!

Becky K. said...

In the last picture you'll see the room off the Fellowship Hall...we think this would make a great kitchen. We have to see how we grow and then how the township works with us in putting in a kitchen...I believe in miracles...this certainly has been the perfect example. Others have been approaching this man about renting the building. He chose us.
A poor church...must have been a "God thing!". Love those!
Becky K.

BittersweetPunkin said...

I looks like great building...looks clean and nice...hopefully you won't have to do too much major renovating to it to get it the way you want it!!

lady jane said...

Will you have some freedom in your landscape choices? If so, I vote for *angel vine* on the outside walls. It'd be lovely.

I see your vision for this building. What a nice church building it'll soon be, Becky.

Oh and that long room? Bowling alley. Yep. In our neck of the woods a bowling alley was purchased and remodeled into a church building. The board voted to keep 5 lanes available. :o)

Phyllis said...

I think that one room is perfect for bowling. Ha Praise the Lord for the building. It will be great to have a permanent place to worship.