Thursday, January 6, 2011


Yesterday was quite the whirlwind.
Chelsea and I were at 
two doctor's offices 
and at the Mall during the day.
This is what happens when there is 
just enough time between appointments.....
 Then we came home from Hershey just as quickly
as we could 
because the dogs had gotten themselves
into some trouble before we left and I had
made a appointment at the vet at 4:40pm.

 We left Hershey about 3:15....It takes
about an hour door to door
(when all goes smoothly)
and then twenty minutes back up the road
to the Vet.

 I called Jonathan and had him prep the dogs 
for their journey....He had them ready for 
me when I got here.
I wrestled them into the car.
That wasn't exactly their idea of fun.
But that is what you get when you 
eat a dead squirrel....ewwwww!

I wasn't taking any chances since they 
were technically due for their rabies
in December. 
I know that there must be some carryover
and they were probably fine....

they deserved the discomfort of shots after
doing such a "doggie" thing.

 I looked at the check in form the receptionist always
gives the doctor.
Appointment time: 4:40
Arrival time: 4:40

We did it.

And no one threw up
in the car either.

So glad!

The tea set in these photos is one that 
I found at a thrift shop.
Originally I was going to break it up into 
tiny tea candles for one of my regular 
customers but was guilted out of it by the 
cashier.  She was aghast that I would even
think of separating the set.
Guess I have to keep it then....
deep fake sigh........
Hope you have a very wonderful day today.
Thanks for stopping by!


Tracy said...

ewww, nasty doggies!

I wouldn't break up the tea set either. It's too pretty!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Becky Sweetie...
Oh what a beautiful share this morning. I love the tea set, but I have seen how beautiful your candles are in mugs like this, and I have got to tell you, for your candles I would break up the set. Sorry gals. These would be absolutely gorgeous.

I love your two birds as well. How pretty they are. They look so festive.

What is the latest word on your two Mom's? I have kept them in my prayers, I know they are there doing God's work, but as with any trip over seas like that, we need prayer for safety. Please keep me posted sweet friend.

I hope to make another trip back in the Spring. Late Spring. I hope to get to see you again.

Have a gorgeous weekend. It is almost here. yeahh. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Vickie said...

It IS a sweet tea set, but if you wanna split it up and do candles I say GO FOR IT! Your customers would love to have a piece of it!

Wow, it sounds like my house with all that running around, Becky. We meet ourselves coming and going. And I'm glad the doggies minded their manners in the car and didn't leave you with a mess to clean up! Isn't it funny how we think our pets are beyond that kind of thing and are like one of the family til they go and act doggy? haha! Have a wonderful day!

Persuaded said...

yikes,,, a dead squirrel?? I think i'd have thrown up in the car;-}

and.. for the record, i agree with the cashier.:-}

and mt apologies for the poor punctuation... baby in lap.

Anonymous said...

Eww I thought it bad enough when I would find a dead mouse that had been partially eaten by a cat, but a dead squirrel eaten by dogs ... EWW!

Donna said...

I have so enjoyed reading you for a long time now.

I just love this tea set. Is it very small. It looks like it is by the comparison to the spools and birds.

Have a wonderful 2011.

Vee said...

Beautiful set! Truly elegant.

Poor pups...weren't they just doing what comes naturally? Glad that all is going to be okay.

(I just adore Hershey. Hope that I have the chance to return there some wonderful day.)

Andrea said...

What an adventurous day!

BittersweetPunkin said...

It's always a good day when nobody throws up in the car :)


Mrs.Rabe said...

That is soooo gross! I am sure it was all Bandit's fault, and not Chloe! She just gave in to peer pressure, I'm convinced of it! :)

tea time and roses said...

Hello Becky,

Sounds like a busy day for you for sure!

I am loving your tea set. I think your candles would be just thing for a few of these, so beautiful.

I know I have said it often before, but oh my how I love your blog!!:o)



PJ said...

Mandy caught a live squirrel last winter and stood there for a minute with it squirming in her mouth before releasing it and watching it run away. Like once she caught it she didn't know what to do with it.

I love the tea set, I'm such a sucker for pretty little things.

JD said...

Your tea set is just beautiful!
Hope all works out fine with you "Puppies" You lead such an interesting

Liane said...

What a busy day! It's amazing that you got to the vet exactly on time...(poor squirrel - not a good new year for him?)
Love the tea set - just need a plate of scones or muffins now ;o)
Have a blessed day!

Tracy's corner said...

My beagles like moles! Yucky! Dogs will be Dogs I guess.