Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Moms Are Home....Prayer is Needed

From Mission Team Facebook Page
I watched for the Mom's arrival.
They pulled in shortly before 4am this morning.
Thankfully we live close by 
because when I went over to help
them unload at Mom's house
I could tell that Georgia was very, very ill.

She could barely stand
and was shaking violently 
from fever.

We got her to her house and got her
things unloaded.
She was headed straight to bed
when I left her...
but we are going to see a doctor this morning.
Thankfully they were able to work her in.

Prayers are needed!

My Mom is not feeling real well 
either but so far has avoided the 
extreme sickness that is 
plaguing Georgia.

UPDATE:  Georgia is doing quite a bit better

this morning. 
While still feeling awful and having
severe flu/digestive
symptoms, the shaking has stopped.
The doctor saw her this morning and
they have ordered appropriate meds.
Hopefully She and Mom will get rehydrated
and get over the rest of the sickness.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Becky Sweetie...
Praise God the Mom's are home. I am already sending up prayers for Georgia and also some prevention prayers for your Mom. Please keep me posted sweetie.

Thank God they are home. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Mrs.Rabe said...

So thankful they made it home safely! It was so foggy last night.

Praying for Georgia, and your mom.

Anonymous said...

I pray that both of your moms feel better, sooner rather than later!

Tracy's corner said...

praying for the moms.

PJ said...

I can only imagine the beating her immune system has taken in the past few weeks.

I pray that it is nothing more serious than that and that she is restored to full health immediately.

I can't help but be greatful that she is feeling this way here in the states after her mission work is done. Such warriors you have for mothers <3

Tracy said...

I'll be praying for them.

Ellen said...

Praying that they are both feeling better soon. I thank God they got home safely and that you are there to watch over both of them

Linda said...

Prayers your way.

Gayla said...

Oh I hope and pray all is better and better