Sunday, January 9, 2011

This is What it is All About!

This photo was on the Mission Team's Facebook Page tonight.
It must be from their time in the mountains last week.
That is pure joy on my Mom's face.
Sharing Jesus....and His Love!
Makes the sickness and bruises worth it.

Thanks so much for the love and prayers you
have offered.
Keep them coming!
God is doing wonderful things in Peru
and He is using all of us to do it!

Warren's Mom, Georgia, puts her nursing skills to good use.
It is so good to see these ladies at work.


Vickie said...

Becky, seeing these pics assures me that your Mom and her team are where they're meant to be right now! I've been on several mission teams to different parts of Mexico and I always comes away SOOO blessed. Our church has two missionary families in Arequipa, Peru, right now!

Have a great week, Becky!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I missed those photos! Praying for them, and for the people who they are ministering to!

Tracy said...

What a wonderful ministry they are doing. And you know it's blessing them as much as those whom they went to bless...

Vee said...

Keep us posted...I'm keeping the team in prayer. Funny thing is, I've been praying for Ecuador. Now I'll just move it over to Peru or add Peru or Ecuador or the entire continent.

Tracy's corner said...

neat post. still praying everyone stays healthy.

Jean Tuthill said...

What a wonderful mission. God bless your Mom and her team.

Tracy's corner said...

Becky, I would love to have you over! Maybe we can set something up!