Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fragrance Blending....


When I was an Avon Representative we would 
talk about fragrance layering.
You know, 
first you used the shower gel, 
then the roll-on antiperspirant,
the powder 
and finally the cologne in a given fragrance.

But, as a person who loves and burns candles
how many times do I think about 
whether the candles I light
actually work together?
Not always.

Customers who purchase just one 
fragrance because they want consistency 
in their home make me think about this a bit.

Yesterday I decided to light several
candles at the same time and so 
I chose hot chocolates and candy cane.

You got it!
Chocolate Mint!

A wick test leads me to think that this larger mug needs three wicks.  It is now for sale.Freshly made with three wicks. $15

This combo was amazing.
Just perfect for a very, very cold winter day.

I enjoyed having a grouping of 
candles with their beautiful flames
dancing and bringing warmth to the room.

My candle website can be found HERE.
You can mix and match fragrances
that go well together for you.

Some ideas:

Vanilla/Candy Cane
Hot chocolate/Strawberry
Cinnamon Stick/Fresh Apple Pie

Just to name a few.

Mention this post when you order
two or more candles and 
I will add a four ounce in
one of the fragrances you have chosen no additional charge to you.


Kelly said...

I burned a hot chocolate and a candy cane in the same room on Thursday night. I liked it. I didn't used to think about the different scents I burned at the same time in the same room either -- until I began to burn yours. Yours are the first soy candles I have ever had and they do really fill a room with their scent, whereas I don't think a lot of the wax candles I used to always burn did, with the exception of Yankee candles.

tea time and roses said...

Hello Becky,

What a beautiful and yummy post! I never thought of burning different candle scents together. Your candles are beautiful Becky. I see you have eucalyptus and ocean, and can imagine just how wonderful they must smell. I certainly will be visiting the shop soon!:o)

Happy weekend to you!



Tracy's corner said...

I burn cinnamon and apple candles together all the time!