Sunday, January 9, 2011

The News From Peru is Not Good

I got an email from Mom last night.
Most of the team is having stomach troubles.
They are struggling....a LOT.
And Mom fell down some stairs and is 
in a lot of pain.

At the moment they are back in Lima
but are headed back into the mountains
soon.  This is a serious concern because 
of the altitude sickness added to the stomach
distress they are having already.

Ministry is happening but it is definitely
being effected by the illness.

In her words:

"I have a special prayer request for our health.  
We have all been sick and struggling 
with stomach problems, also are
We have three days to kind of rest, 
altho we'll be working toward our next trip.
We leave on Wed. another
trip into the Andes, 
we're hoping we don't get the Altitude sickness again. 
At one point we'll be at 18,000 ft. above
sea level. 
Health has been one of the biggest challenges. 
I also fell down six stairs after arriving back at Luisa's, 
my shoulder, arm and neck got the 
worst of it, so please pray.
Georgia is also struggling with
stomach problems and she is exhausted. 
Hopefully we'll get some better rest tonight.
The Andes are tremendous,
we've had wonderful experiences with the Quecha people.  
They are so appreciative of our
coming.  The children were 
so attentive and excited about the stories, etc."

Please keep the Moms and their team 
members in prayer.  
I am very concerned.


Tracy said...

I'm very sorry to hear about their illnesses, and your mom's fall. Rest assured, that God is in charge of everything. He has a plan, and He'll use even this somehow.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Bless their hearts and their bodies!

I know that the Lord is at work, but there is reason for concern, too. Rest in the peace that comes from knowing it is all in His plan.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the 3-day rest will relieve everyone of their illness and discomfort! I'm sure that God is watching over them.

Vee said...

Praying right now... Father, thank you for these mothers' hearts who are willing to go and do your work in the mountains among these people who need You and need the ones You send. Please restore these women and the entire team to health and give them favor that they might not experience any altitude sickness. Help Becky's mom and restore her after her fall. Lord, they can't do Your work if You do not bless their efforts. Thank you, Father. Thank you for raising them up. Thank you for giving the families at home peace of mind knowing that You are in charge. Thank You for being our loving and mighty God.

LV said...

It is still hard to understand why bad things happen to people that are trying to do such wonderful work for others. May the good Lord bless and keep them.

jAne said...

prayer heavenward <><

Gayla said...

I am thinking of them and YOU!!! Prayers are abundantly going up for safe journey and health. I will be anxious for all the updates. Hugs from Polar MO

Tracy's corner said...

Praying for the moms!!!

Vickie said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear this news, Becky! I hope that the Moms and the others will get rested up and feeling better. And I hope your mama's aches and pains ease up. They are on the Lord's work and He is watching over them. I know you're worried. Praying for health for the team and peace as you wait for their return!

Anonymous said...

Have them find the leaves and chew on them. The leaves that make cocaine! It helps with the altitude. My mom chewed on these in Peru

JD said...

Becky, I will add the "Moms" and the rest of the team to my prayers that they will all be feeling better, and keep well...

Buttercup said...

Prayers for healthy days, especially for your mother.

P.S. Your blog is adorable!

Manuela@TPOH said...

Hopefully the few days rest will do everyone good!