Friday, January 14, 2011

A Most Enjoyable Evening

I did not have the camera with me but
we enjoyed a bit of a progressive dinner
last night.  That was not the original plan.

Our dear friends Jon and Sue, as well as 
Pastor Mike, Warren and I were planning
to meet at Willow Valley for dinner and a 
time of chatting about life at church.  
Warren and Jon are Elders and Sue and I 
were delighted to be included in the plans
for the evening.

We have been friends for almost eleven years.
All of us.  
We have been through so much 
together over the years in a very small church.
Our family had just moved to Lancaster County
when we met Jon, Sue and Mike.  Sue was the 
first to introduce me to our Amish Grocery Outlet
which has saved our family so much money 
over these years.

Anyway, back to last night.
Warren and I were the first to arrive at Willow Valley.
It was dark.
There were no cars in the lot.
Being the brilliant people that we are we got the idea
that perhaps they were closed.
But that made us curious...why?
Turns out it was explained on the door....
Winter hours!

So, when Jon and Sue arrived we began to hatch
a new plan.  However, a phone call to Mike's Cell
phone brought a new idea.  
That was a most excellent idea.
We jumped on it right away.
Everyone piled into our van,
Sue in the far back.
She pointed out that she was the smallest
so it was most convenient for her....
Thanks Sue!
For putting me in my place 
for getting into the back.


Pasquales makes the best food.
I went safe with my usual choice
of Chicken Parmesan, bread and 
a salad with the house dressing.

However, we quickly realized that our
hopes of having a serious discussion of
any kind was not happening there.
This was because of a very large table next
to us who were having a very, very good time.
Lots of wine was being consumed and at one 
point the owner came out and offered them 
straws for their bottles.  They could get it 
faster that way....he said.  
It was a festive atmosphere but not necessarily 
conducive to the conversation we were hoping to have.

I suggested we head over to Friendly's for dessert.
That suggestion was readily accepted...
So back in the van we went.
Sue, way in the back again.
It turned out to be the 
perfect choice of places.  
We asked for and received a table way in the back and got 
to laughing so loudly as we reminisced
about an event that happened to Jon 
at a wedding reception recently
 that people were turning to 
look at us.  
Now we were the loud ones.

We had a wonderful discussion and are all encouraged
with the things the Lord is doing in our congregation.
It is going to be so exciting to see where He leads 
in the future.  
That is what we depend upon...
His leading.

It is wonderful to spend an evening with people who 
know you so well and love you still.
Old friends are comfortable and fun, indeed.

Have you had an evening 
out with friends lately? 
We do this so rarely because we 
just don't think about it
and get all caught up in our daily lives.
We must do it more....
Look out friends who might be
reading this....
we'll probably be looking for an opportunity to 
spend an evening with you.


Mrs.Rabe said...

We are ready and willing....we are used to staying past closing time with you guys!

Mary said...

Sounds like a great evening...almost made me feel like part of the