Friday, January 7, 2011

PA Farm Show...Chelsea Will Compete

 It must be time for the 2011 PA Farm Show....
How do I know?
It is snowing!

This is tradition.
Since I was a child and we would 
drive hours to get to the Farm Show
you could be pretty sure it would be 
in a snowstorm.

Since Chelsea won the Hershey Classic
at our local fair for her sensational 
Chocolate Cookies she has been invited 
to enter them at the State level competition
at the Farm Show.

We hear the competition is pretty intense 
at this level, but for her first year we are just curious
to see how it all works.  A win would be a 
bonus.....she didn't expect to win at the Fair
her first year either.

Solanco Fair 2010

The judging is tomorrow afternoon.
We don't anticipate being there then....
unless something changes... but we should 
be able to watch it live on television.

Later today we will pick Warren up from work and
take her entry in.  Six little round chocolate cookies
presented on a doily.  
She will be baking them early this afternoon so 
they will be as fresh as they can be.
Our house is going to smell so 


Tracy said...

Exciting stuff! I hope she has fun.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

I hope Chelsea wins in the farm show!

Tracy said...

Hi, Becky--Happy New Year! Oh, that is TREMENDOUSLY EXCITING news! Go Chelsea! :o) Do hope she wins, that would be such fun, and what an honor to be invited to participate. Keep us posted! And of course, it wouldn't be a Farm Show without the snow... Oh, how well I remember...LOL! Wishing you all the very best of health & happiness, peace & joy in 2011 ((HUGS))

Miss Sandy said...

Congrats to Chelsea! I hope she wins this one too! What a fun and awesome achievement. I hope there are more than six cookies for the family to share as you watch the show. It sounds like you all have a delicious day in store.

Vee said...

Now I want a cookie. All the best to Chelsea. It sounds like great fun and plenty of excitement.

Carol said...

Good luck to Chelsea! I can almost smell the cookies baking! : )


Gayla said...

yummy! I wish her six little cookies on a doily were sitting on MY table!!!!! haha.... I am so proud of her! Hugs and warm wishes.

Mary said...

Very exciting...hope her 6 little cookies on a pretty little doily takes the show ! !

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Carrot!!!!

Elena said...

How exciting! I hope she wins! The cookies sound so good:)

Tracy's corner said...

What fun! I hope she wins!

Chicken Wrangler said...

How exciting for her - wonder if she won??? Let us know!

Maurie said...

When it doesn't snow farm-show-week, we almost believe in global warming. I wonder how the judging went!?! It is great to get that far!