Sunday, January 16, 2011

It Is Well....With My Soul

Over the past few days I have been following 
a life changing event in the lives of another family.

I learned about this family's 

The mother, Joanne, suffered a stroke and 
subsequent seizures while at home.  Her 
daughter found her and got help.

Joanne is now in intensive care in a medically 
induced coma.  Her family is exhausted and 
praying for a miracle.  The swelling in her brain is 
severe and what they are asking us to pray for is
a miracle.  I am committed to pray with them.

Would You?

Toben, Joanne's husband is keeping people
up to date with Twitter and Joanne's blog.

Reading of this event and their struggle takes me
back to Warren's Dad's fall and brain injury.
As they discuss seeing the CT Scan results and 
the damage I flash back.

We loved Gene so very much....before his 
accident.  But the love God gave us for him
after this event was supernatural.    Admittedly
he was not my spouse...but we were very close.
And closer yet as we took up so much of his care.

I would not trade the hours, days, weeks and months
that God gave us with the "different" Gene...unless
it didn't have to happen at all.
But obviously it did.
And we know that God has used it for His purposes.

What we know after this is that God was never more
obvious in His workings.  The details that just came 
together....the things that others said couldn't happen.

My prayer for Joanne, Toben and their entire family 
is that when this trial is complete they can say....
It is well.
God was so present with us.
It is very well...with my soul!


Carol said...

When I read Joanne's story the other day I was so reminded of how life can change in the blink of an eye. We know that no matter the outcome of any situation that God is with us.

Hugs & Love,

Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

I pray that God's will be done and that he be with Joanne's family during this trying time.

Buttercup said...

I am praying for Joanne and her family. Thanks for giving me this opportunity in prayer.

Martie said...

I too have been following this family's trial. Praying with you also for her...