Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Purple is Gone!

Whew!  What a big day for Chelsea.
I thought it was going to be tiring for me
too but would you believe that I had almost nothing 
to do with the painting itself? 
Just a bit here and there.

Chelsea invited her friend Emma to come and help.
Having recently gotten her driver's license Emma drove 
herself over and they laughed and had a great time
working together.

So...from purple this morning...

to brown and tan this evening.
So much better!!!

We have some touch ups to do
and a few items to buy to just
finish it up.

We want an area rug that goes with the color in
her new comforter.

The comforter was a Christmas gift from
Grandma Georgia.
A throw pillow, or two,  would
be nice too.
Oh!  And a window treatment 
is on the wish list.

This room makeover is Chelsea's graduation
present.  We have been picking up items 
for the walls and working on color ideas for 
a while now.

The metallic flowers are what we got with
a Target gift card I won from Barb
They are so much fun and I wanted Chelsea
to have them!

Michael's was a great resource for Chelsea
to find artwork that she loved. 
The floating frames were separate but we 
love how they came together so perfectly.

Another Christmas present came from 
our friends in Michigan, at Blue Barn Bulletin.
Isn't this Cappuccino picture so Chelsea?

More flowers over the bed...

The chest my brother made for Chelsea when she was just a tot.
He made it and painted it.
A very nice piece, indeed.

Cuteness for her jewelry.
She saw this some time ago and finally 
was ready to get it yesterday...
great timing as it was on clearance!

Finally for this post...
precious gifts from our friend Shelley.
She stays in Chelsea's room when she visits
and has left these adorable little critters
behind on her last couple of visits.

I think that the room is coming together very 
nicely.  It is so much fun to watch Chelsea 
at work.  She did a very nice job.

Thanks for all of your interest.
I was amazed at how much you care...
Hope you like the results.

See you later!


Mrs.Rabe said...

I love the brown! And the metal flowers! And her art work!

Emily had a really good time - they work fast!

Carol said...

I love the new look! Awesome job!


Terri said...

So sophisticated! Beautiful job!

Vee said...

Put those gals to work! They're a dynamo team... Looks great. Chelsea's just going to love her new room having pulled it all together herself.

Karen said...

Love those flowers!

The whole room is very cute, actually. The girls did a great job.

I'm glad the cappuccino pic works so well-Julianne thought it'd go with the new plan when she bought it. And that jewelry holder? So cute, and perfect with her bedspread!

I'll be sure Juju sees your post when she gets up. Both girls were anxious to see pictures yesterday. I know they'll love it!

Karen said...

Oh, also, that chest your brother made is incredible! Wow, what a treasure for Chelsea...beautiful workmanship!

Karen said...

Julianne says "I love it!"

(Allison isn't up yet...)

Karen said...

Allison says "I LOVE the cappuccino picture!" ;-)

"I love the little flowers, too!"

LemonyRenee' said...

Lovely . . . and very grown-up!

Tracy's corner said...

Very nice. grown up looking.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

It looks so pretty! I love the French touch :-)

LV said...

It is amazing what a little pant can do for things. It certainly made a drastic difference in her room.

Elena said...

She did a great job! Her room is very pretty.