Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mikey's New Home

All of these huge old homes.....
One right after another on The Row.

Mikey is blessed with a huge room!
Three large windows.
It was so sunny and bright that it took us a while to 
figure out that there was no lighting in the room.
Off to the store we went and got a lamp and other 
odds and ends.
Love the palms?
So do we but I guess the guy that is moving out 
will be back for them.

Mikey is soooo sick!
It killed this Mommy's heart to leave him in that condition.
He was planning to take a nap before they were to 
go out to dinner last night.
He has a very full agenda today so 
I am praying the Lord gives him strength
and he doesn't relapse.


Persuaded said...

Aww.. the poor thing does look a bit under the weather:-{ I'll be praying that he has a swift return to health, and that his mama has peace♥

Mrs.Rabe said...

Awesome room! We are praying for him in all areas! Hope he is feeling better today!

Char said...

Thinking of Mikey and keeping him in my prayers, Char

Vee said...

Poor guy! Praying along with you. It's not easy to do what you've done, but Mike wouldn't have it any other way. God will step in for you.

(What an amazing room! Love it.)

Vickie said...

Awww, Becky- it's tough to have our kids sick and we can't take care of them anymore! Nothing like having mama close when you don't feel good!

I'm sure he'll do fine- we gotta let em grow up don't we? Dayquil and Nyquil work pretty good and he'll start feeling at home in his new "crib" in no time! Sending up a little "mama" prayer for him to feel better!

Anonymous said...

Mikey's new home looks really nice! I hope that he feels better real soon!

Marydon said...

That's a pretty nifty home for Mike. Hope he feels better soon, sweet friend.

Hope your Christmas & New Year were full of joys.

Would you go back & reenter your name on the giveaway, Becky ... you entered on the wrong write. Sorry.
TY for entering.

Have a beautiful New Year.
Hugs, Marydon