Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Chatting....

I took these photos at Longwood Gardens one year ago.

We must get back over there.....
So much beauty to enjoy, so little time!

Mikey's work and class seem to be going well.
He scared the daylights out of me by insisting on
coming back for skating, groceries and laundry 
last evening.  The roads were not good and there
was so much drifting.  I wished with all of my heart
that he would have stayed put...tucked in, snug and warm.
But, he is an adult now and all I can do is worry.
At least he let me know by way of Facebook that 
he got back safely.
It was wonderful to see him and see that he is beginning
to make the adjustment to living away.  He seems to 
be enjoying his first class and the challenges it will bring.

A little update on our Moms in Peru.
They should be back up in the Andes
Mountains.  They were to be working with 
250 children this time around.
Mom's arm was doing better before they left.
She said that the range of motion was back.
What a relief!
The three days in Lima really seemed to 
help them rest and recover.
For that, I am thankful.
She said they will be fine as long
as the bus doesn't fall off the road.
the roads are carved into the sides 
of the mountains.

Have a very wonderful day.
It is very cold, windy and snowy here
so we will bundle up as we head out to 
the first day of our last semester of 
homeschool co-op.
Hard to believe that this time has come.
Our kids are nearly grown.


Tracy said...

So glad to hear that your mom's arm is healing.

I know what you mean about those snowy roads and older children driving. Ugh! Parenting isn't easy, even when they are grown!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Apparently after skating they all went to Giant because Mikey needed food! :)

I was surprised and glad that the girls were lights out earlier than they usually are, last night.

Glad to hear about the Moms...we were discussing them yesterday and wondering.

See you later!

Vee said...

Your mom has a gift for explaining things in the most dire of ways. I'm sure she's a wry one. Ha! I'm still praying for those two.

Yes, there is something about adult children that teaches us a lot about worry and trust and letting go. It'll all come with time. Glad Mike is enjoying his first class...a very good sign.

PJ said...

The roads here in Illinois were horrible too, and T's little brother and his wife were headed home to PA from our place here.

I don't have teenagers but I did have people I was worried about being out in that crud :( Thank goodness for that final text message that let us know they were home safe and sound.

Marydon said...

I hope Mom's trip is going to be looked back on as the thrill of her life.

Your flowers are so inviting for spring to HURRY UP!

Have a beautiful day ~
Hugs, Marydon

JD said...

Hi Becky, glad to hear that the "Mom's are doing better. My teenage grandson drives to school everyday, and it's quite a distance, so I know about worry,I try not to, it doesn't do any good. So I just try to remember to add extra prayers for
Yes, I want to make it to Longwood again. I missed last year, but I hope to go this year, Please let us know when and if you are going.