Saturday, January 8, 2011

We Just Can't Win Them All....

Chelsea and 78 others did not win today.  
I was so proud of her, though.
She was up at 6am making the cookies.

Remember that I said we would not be there
for the competition itself unless plans changed?
Well, they did.

She and I took a charter bus early this morning.

That was the way to go.....
A great driver and several very friendly 
faces greeted us as we loaded onto the bus.

Our ride home was peaceful.
We both snoozed and the driver
did his job very well.

Thank you for your encouraging words for Chelsea.
She is a very awesome girl!


Vee said...

True, we can't win them all, but just so's you'll all know, Chelsea is always a winner here. Is she sharing any new recipes these days? I know she has her own blog someplace...must go look.

Elena said...

That is so awesome that she got to compete and that you had a good time. The charter bus ride sounded great!

Mary said...

Sorry to hear the news but it was so great that she tried and competed...a great learning experience..I know your proud of her !

Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

It is true that everyone can not win a contest. It doesn't mean, though, the those who did not win the contest are not winners in their own right. It's not everyday you get asked to bake cookies for a contest!