Wednesday, January 5, 2011

They are Reporting In

I heard the door late yesterday afternoon and came out
to greet Warren from his day of work.
Warren was nowhere to be found.
So, I thought that it must have been my imagination.
I started making dinner.

Next thing I know Mikey is bounding up the 
stairs from the family room.
He grinned sheepishly and said, 
"I came home."

Turns out there were a few things he 
forgot and until classes start he is only 
busy there during the day.  So...he came 
home for dinner.

Now, that makes a Momma's heart happy.

He also offered me a hug before he left.
Mikey has always been shy with his hugs.

Then later in the evening there was word
from our Moms in Peru.  They are in the mountains.
In Cusco.  Yesterday they worked with forty 
children, some of whom had walked for five hours
to be there.  Sounds like the perfect thing for my
Mom.  She said Georgia is doing well too.
Apparently they are working through the altitude 
headache and it is easing.

Jonathan, who is house and pet sitting, keeps showing
up here.  I love it.  He shows up for various reasons but
most importantly for human company.  I have been informed
that I will now have to become knowledgeable on the things
that he and Mikey used to talk about.  Airsoft, mostly.
Hmmmm.....maybe with the properly placed head nods I can
get away with not really understanding a word that he is saying...
just kidding.

Chelsea and I did childcare yesterday for MOPS.  
It was good to see our little ones.  
Chelsea got to be in the baby room with me
again.  She really likes it there
and the babies love her.  

The Bible study with 
the ladies in transition went pretty well on 
Monday night.  
It was good to have my friend, Sue,
come along.  She is a great encourager.
I was nervous because having been there with
Mom and Georgia I know
that it is very unpredictable.  The ladies
might fidget with their phones
the whole time or walk in late, etc.
You never know from time to time 
what ladies are in the program.
It is a constantly revolving door. 
The only reason they come is that
it is a requirement.  

Monday night I met a new lady who
had just come into the program
that day.  She had gone straight from 
prison to the hospital where she
had a baby boy and then two days later 
he was in foster care and she
and I were together.  
The pain, both mental and physical were so strong. 
I cannot even imagine.  
She is praying that this program is the answer to 
her getting him back.  
This young woman has 
already lost another son
to her bad decisions. 
Praying that M might really turn her
life around this time.

The study in Proverbs could not have been more perfect.
She is setting goals but we talked about how she cannot do it
in her own strength.  
She needs to commit these goals to the Lord
and seek His help.  

Overwhelming....that is the situation for these ladies.
There are three ladies in the program currently.
They all live in the same house.
So it was quite poignant when
a while later we got into a section 
of the Proverb on gossip.
Wow!  Now that lit them up like lightbulbs.
But, it is so true that women 
really have these tendencies.
We do gossip and we do hurt 
each other from time to time.
That is surely a worthy goal to work on for each of us.
Keeping our tongues in check.
Using gracious words....

Well, that is bits and pieces of the goings on
around here.
I am still coughing like crazy but I do think
it is a bit better each day.
Chelsea and I do the doctor rounds today.
It isn't too bad.
Neither of us like it, though.
We will be very relieved  when she hits 
the goal and appointments are scaled back.
She is making progress but this flu didn't 
help.  I am afraid that there was likely a
bit of weight loss.
We will hear about it!

I hope you have a wonderful day
and that the words you speak and 
hear today are gracious words.


detweilermom said...

We Missed you on sunday but are glad that you are feeling a bit better. Glad that you have heard from everyone!! Hope all goes well with the Doctor.

Tracy said...

So much to talk about!

How wonderful for you that your boys know their mama's love, and return home when they can to get another "serving" to last them until the next time. I think it's very sweet that Mikey came home for dinner, and that Jonathan wants your ear. You'll adapt, trust me. Nodding your head ( and really paying attention) will soon turn into long conversations. Isn't that what love does? Seeks the good of the other? :-)

Glad to hear that your moms are doing well, and that they are adjusting to the altitude. And children? They are all going to be blessed, aren't they?

I did childcare for a ladies' Bible study many, many years ago, and loved working with those children. And now, as an older mom, I can really appreciate how much those younger moms need a break.

I'm just so proud of you for this prison ministry. It's such a wonderful thing you are doing for these women by leading them in Bible Study, even if they are fidgeting with their phones and such. They are sure to hear something, and you may never know how God uses this in their lives. So sad about M. I hope she can get on track and get her baby back.

I hope Chelsea recovers quickly from her set back with her weight, and that you both feel well soon!

Shew! My comment is nearly as long as your post!

Mrs.Rabe said...

So glad to hear the Mom's are doing well, I bet Ruth is in her element!

Mikey is going to transition well, and now you have proof that he knows the way home and isn't afraid to take it! ha ha!

Hope all goes well at Chelsea's appointments...

Anonymous said...

It's great that each member of your family has checked in. It sounds like everyone is feeling better too; that's good news.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Becky, lots of 'goings-on' in your home. I do hope you are feeling better. Keeping you in prayer.

You blog looks wonderful!

Barb ♥

Andrea said...

Hope you continue to feel better. Doug and I are slowly recovering, too.

Vee said...

A wonderful newsy post. You do so much! Very glad to learn that the two moms are doing well. It must be gratifying and rewarding for them to experience this. Yay for sons coming home. Mine is coming home for Friday evening supper and I'm so looking forward to it. All the best with mentoring M. The Lord is so willing to help her as she yields her all to Him.