Saturday, January 16, 2010

Watch out for Falling....


Our daily routine has changed
with the addition of Bandit.

Mostly my routine has changed.

Every morning finds me trekking
through the backyard trying to
teach a very quick and sneaky
puppy the boundaries.

She seems to love the house two
doors up and so has been back on
the leash until last night and
this morning. So good.
I keep the leash in my hand and
am prepared to put it on her at
her next transgression.

Anyhoo...Chloe usually comes
along and she is almost never
leashed in the yard. This
allows her the freedom to
chase the millions, well maybe
not millions, but all of the
squirrels. They tease and
taunt her...rushing up a
tree at the last moment.

The other morning this happened
and I wandered up that way.
The weather is getting nicer and
it is more fun to explore...
All of a sudden I heard
a thud
not far
from where
I was standing!

A squirrel!

Had fallen!
On his back!

From a huge tree!

He flipped himself over
and ran as fast as he could
while I breathed a sigh of
relief that he had not landed

Good grief!

take it from me.

Watch out for falling squirrels!
That could hurt!



Tracy said...

That is FUNNY!I'm so glad that you're all enjoying Bandit so much. I remember training puppies in the winter. It's cold!

Vee said...

Have never heard of such a thing...too funny! Perhaps the chase scared him too much.

As cute as Bandit is...she's not looking too welcoming in your cute header. Ha!

Becky K. said...

That is Chloe in her squirrel chasing attitude. lol
Becky K.

stefanie said...

That is soooo funny, what a clutzy squirrel, I guess they are not like cats. I bet you screamed, that would of startled me..too bad you didn't get a picture of that.

Persuaded said...

That is so funny! I wonder if the little thing was OK, or if he was injured. I remember once seeing a squirrel take a flying leap off one of the gutters of my house. He was heading for the maple tree in the side yard but I could tell just by looking that he was never going to make it. Sure enough he was several feet short and thunked to the ground under the tree. I thought he must be a goner, but like your little guy, he hopped up and scurried off. I think he was mortally embarrassed;)

black eyed susans kitchen said...

What are the chances? The squirrel fell on him? Unbelievable!
♥, Susan

Brittany Ann said...

WHOA! Dangerous! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! Not flying squirrels!!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Funny stuff! I bet you nearly had a heartattack!

Chloe looks funny in your header - she is a funny dog. As I am not a pet person, I must say your wee doggies aren't too bad. Neither are our dogs...sigh. There I said it outloud!

Kelly said...

That's too funny! I thought, while reading, after seeing the title, that you were going to say a squirrel landed on Chloe. I always wondered if they ever fall as I have seen them running so quickly up trees, but even more interestingly, walking across telephone wires. Well, I don't have to wonder if they ever fall anymore. Thanks, Becky.