Friday, January 8, 2010

Good Deal...

Some time ago Melissa at The Missionary Mama
shared a special that Snapfish was running.
This is how I came to love Snapfish and
use it for several neat projects.

They are running a special on 4x6 prints
that has been extended until January 11th.
You can get 50 prints for 50 cents.
In most cases you can have
these prints done at a local Walgreens or
other local site and avoid paying shipping.

Go to and enter the code NEWYEAR50
before you complete your order.

Other projects I have used Snapfish to create
are the poster size photos of the barns that
I put in the frames I purchased at auction.

Unfortunately I should have replaced the string
on the back of one of those frames. One morning
at about 5:30am it came crashing to the ground
severely damaging the frame.

I used Snapfish to make Mikey's thank you cards after
his El Salvador trip.

It was so much fun to
send cards with a picture
of Mikey on his trip.

We are just about to finish up a book that will
be printed and bound with text about that mission

This is a birthday gift to Mikey from
Uncle Allan and Aunt Bev.

Finally, for Christmas this year I took one
of our favorite photos from the Moms trip out

This photo went on mugs for each of them
and then several from
that same trip went onto custom
computer mouse pads.
Oh did they laugh when we gave them
these gifts at Allan and Bev's at New Years.
It was so much fun to give those
personalized gifts.

So...while I have absolutely nothing to gain
from you checking out Snapfish I can tell
you that I have used them enough to be fairly
sure that you would be pleased with their
convenience,speed and service.

Have a great day!!!!



SmilingSally said...

Thanks for the tip, Becky, but I rely on the skills of the wannabe photographers in the family for my shots.

Tracy said...

Great post and tips, Becky! Happy Weekend to you all :o) ((HUGS))

Persuaded said...

Oh Becky, I absolutely adore that picture of your "moms!" They look like such a happy hearted couple of gals♥

Freda Marie said...

Beautiful photos and super are a natural Creative Chics

Miss Paula said...

I used this Co. for our Hawaii trip book!! I loved it and it's easier than scrapbooking!

Vee said...

What a fun pic of your mom! No wonder they loved the's got me grinning. Loved the shot yesterday of you with all your furry bed partners. That's a great way to stay warm!

♥Cayden's Mommy♥ said...

LOVE snapfish! I have used it for a lot of things as well and am planning on using the 50 cent deal too. Love that pic you have of your moms!!!

Elena said...

I just love photo gifts too! I usually give about 10 a year! Your photo projects look so cool and unique!