Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Praise and Grief!

Did you know these two
things could be
very closely linked?
They can.

Yesterday I asked Mikey to
return a video to the store.
He left but returned way too
quickly stating that the car
had a problem. He insisted
that I should NOT drive it as
it was unsafe.

Well Warren got home from work
a bit later and took a drive.
He wasn't sure he was going to
make it back....

After some searching he found the
problem. The frame has rusted through
and the entire front end of the car
was flexing and about to break.

We are so thankful that this didn't
happen while Mikey was on a highway.
Warren said that it could have thrown
the wheels to the side and would very
likely have caused Mikey to lose control
or flip.

God was good to us...

Now to the grief part.
No, I am not really grieving the
car, per se, even though it is not
likely something that is worth fixing.

I am very sad because this was my parents
car before it became ours and it is one of
my last direct links to my Dad.

As time moves on more and more things associated
with him wear out or break and I lose them.

Sounds silly, doesn't it?

It is just stuff.

But, on a different level it is so
much more than that.

Dad had a recliner that he spent nearly
every evening in. During the days before
and after his death I would sit in that chair and
just feel close to him.
Poor Mom.
I made her bring it with her when she moved.
To this day it sits in her family room
and I love to go watch southern
gospel concerts on video while
sitting in his chair.
It is as close as I can get to
reliving those days when we sang
together and went to concerts together.

Last evening I drove up the road that
likely finished our car off. Don't get
me started on the reasons this road is
in such bad shape....think governmental
wisdom....anyway, my thoughts were spinning
with how close we came to a bad accident and
how very thankful I am that God protected
our son.

Takes the sting out of the situation...
in a very big way!



Ronda said...

Oh Becky,

I am so grateful God protected your son, as well as the rest of your family.

Things can be replaced, yet a human life cannot.

God is amazing!

I am so glad your Mikey was paying such close attention to the condition of the car, and the way it was handling! So many young one's who drive do not pay attention to the opperating condition of the car they drive.

Praising God Mikey is smart and safe!!!!

Love & Prayers,

detweilermom said...

I am thankful that your son was paying attention.

Vee said...

Praising God with you for the protection of your family.

The good thing about something major going on a car is that one doesn't have to wonder whether to have it fixed. Is there something on or in that car that you can always have as a reminder of your dad?

Many warm and happy memories to you...

Carol said...

So glad your son recognized there was a problem with the car! God surely spoke to him!


Brittany Ann said...

Praise the Lord for protecting your baby!

And I totally understand your connection to the car! I pray that it doesn't hurt you too much!

Persuaded said...

Awww... what a tender sweet post. I'm so glad that your son was spared any injury- and that he was wise enough to insist that you not drive the car! And I'm also glad that you still have your dad's recliner too♥

AkaPJTheGreat said...

This post makes my heart ache, your dad was such an amazing person. I have so many wonderful memories of my Uncle Gary.

I'm grateful that those memories will not rust away as quickly as a car driven on a poorly maintained winter road.

All my love.


Mrs.Rabe said...

So that's what you meant last night!

Thankful that no one was hurt...what a crazy thing...

Sorry too, about the hurt is causes by severing another link to your Dad.

Elena said...

I'm so glad that no one got hurt. The Lord is so good. I know what you mean by things bringing back memories. I have my mom's black leather clutch purse that she put her money and credit cards in. I take it out every once in a while and just hold it and think of her hands holding that purse. It brings back very special memories. I also have things that my mother made that I will pass on to Mary. She just loved to make things for us kids:) My mom has been gone 22 years and I miss her still. I look forward to the day I will see her again!

Tracy said...

So glad no one got hurt

Kelly said...

I am so glad the good Lord kept you all safe and gave Mikey the wisdom to park the car and tell you not to use it.

I am sure that it is hard to let go of things that give you memories of your dad, but as you said these are just things, and you can always hang onto the poems he wrote, photos you have, and more importantly the memories you hold dear and the lessons he taught you. It's hard to miss someone you have loved so dearly, but remember you will see him again one day.

Kammy said...

Bummer but, also sooooo lucky. I do think someone is watching out for you and your family !
Hugs and best of luck ~

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

It's wonderful to hear of the way God protected your son. Your dad sounds like mine. He gave us his old car this past year, and has a favorite recliner he sits in every evening. My mom sits on the loveseat next to him.

bettyl said...

God truly is amazing! Thanks for the post.