Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today... our last Thursday before our
homeschool co-op starts again.

I should take it easy and enjoy
the peace and quiet, right?

Well, I am not.

This morning I am taking F-O-U-R
furry members of our family to
the vet.

That should be a very lovely time.

Poor things.

And then I know that I will faint
dead away when they hand me the bill.

The great, big, pay thier kids way
through college bill!

Oh well,
It has got to be done.

One of those things you commit
to when you fall in love with

Now for a laugh to start your day...

It has been cold here like it has been
where most of you are.
Not all, I know.
Some of you are enjoying warm sunshine,
I'll try not to hold it against you.

Anyway...Our bedroom is particularly
chilly thus explaining the various assortment
of blankets right now. I blacked out the
background just to spare you Warren's bedside
table and flip are welcome.

So, Sunday evening found the other televisions
in use in our house and I decided to snuggle
in our bed and watch the tiny one back there.

Apparently, I fell asleep...
with my glasses on and all four
animals on the bed with me.

Warren amused himself by taking

This is just a bit of payback for all
of the goofy pictures I have shown of
my family on this blog.

I knew you needed to laugh.



Tracy said...

I love my sunday afternoon naps. Those furbabies Do keep us warm, too!

Here's hoping that the trip to the vet is painless for you and them!

jAne said...

Nice, Warren, real nice. hehe.

Here's hoping the vet bill won't be as high as you're expecting. :o) I trust you'll have help lugging the animal carts in to the vet office...? Or will you use a dolly of some sort? yikes.

jAne * tickleberry farm

Jerri said...

I sleep with two of our five dogs and believe you me they do keep me warm!!!!!! I hope you have help going to the vet......


Mrs.Rabe said...

Poor girl...we have our dogs attended to by the vet who cares for the horses - he makes 'farm' calls! hee hee.

That is a very funny photo...

Elena said...

You look very comfy and your kitties are very cute! I always fall asleep watching TV in our recliner!

Anonymous said...

Oh yea that is a payback!!! But you looked nice!

Talk about bills, we are waiting for the insr to make up their minds about Kaitlin's wisdom teeth!

Persuaded said...

You look comfy, cozy and in very good company m'dear;)

Our co-op is starting up again and I must admit I wish we had another few weeks. I've been enjoying the break!

Kelly said...

I hope all went well at the vet.

Love the photo of you and the furbabies in bed. Way to go, Warren.