Saturday, January 23, 2010

Good Morning!

I'm off to breakfast with all
available family members...

The last two Saturdays I have
made Belgian waffles in my
new waffle maker. Yesterday
I made some with cranberries in
them. Awesome!!!
Next time I will have cranberries
and add some orange zest.
That will be perfection,
I think...

Today we will go to a local
Breakfast Smorgasbord before
dropping at least one kid off
to Creekside Cottage for a
day of hard work. They are
doing some tree work today.

Jonathan loves working with
Mr. Rabe. He is very good
about explaining what needs
to be done and is just a very
nice man to be around.

He makes Jonathan comfortable.
Thanks Mr. Rabe!

Having the Rabe children to talk
to and work with doesn't hurt
either. Whoever said homeschoolers
aren't socialized certainly never
met my kids and their friends.

Good Grief!

I am working on laundry and cleaning
today, while writing a skit for our
end of the year performance.

We will have our Music practice
for tomorrow at some point later
today...and I must come up with
a bulletin cover.

So, it will be our usually busy

Love it!

Takes me back to my childhood
when we would do our housework
on Saturday morning while listening
to the Kid's programming on
the local Christian Radio Station.

That made dusting tolerable.
I can still smell the Pledge
even though I don't use it these
days. Microfiber, people, that is
the ticket. Love those things!
Thanks for this tip, Ronda!

Well, I know you are using valuable
time to read this, so go on now,
and get busy.
I'll see you here tomorrow.

Assumptive, aren't I?

Nope! Just trying to be funny.
Not quite the same without the
big smile that you can't see.

That is what is missing here,
visual....for that you should
be thankful!

Anyway, go on and have
a wonderful day.



Mrs.Rabe said...

We appreciate Jonathan's willingness to come and help! Very kind and it really is a help.

Unsocialized homeschoolers...let's see in one week, we have church, bowling on Tuesdays, co-op on Thursdays, any number of 'can you come over's' or 'want to see a movie?'. Sometimes I tell them they are too socialized! hee hee

Tracy said...

I think it's wonderful that you and the Rabes have each other close by!

Your waffles sound delicious. I would have never thought to put cranberries in them.

Persuaded said...

I always appreciate it so much when one of the wonderful men from our church takes my son along with him for a bit of manly labor. Noah loves it too, truth be told.

And Saturday morning housecleaning? Sounds like your mama was one wise woman☺

stefanie said...

sounds like a wonderful day!!! enjoy

Vee said...

Terrific sounding Saturday and the waffles...hmmmm...perhaps you'll share your recipe. And, microfiber is the very best for so many things...I never buy dishcloths anymore nor dustcloths. Must check your friend's tip, too.

Jerri said...

Breakfast is my favorite meal. Cranberry waffles sound awesome.....Hope you enjoyed every bite......

AkaPJTheGreat said...

Whatever, I was more socially active when I was a homeschooler I think. The plus being that I wasn't being socially active in the middle of a lesson!


Wish there had been a visual, I miss your face!

Joyce said...

I use to spray Pledge on any item that would not move in my first home:) to me there is no other smell that says CLEAN:)

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

It sounds like a busy day for all. I'm thankful that my kids have wonderful Christian homeschooled friends too. I always laugh at the socialization question, but even after 14 years of homeschooling, that still the question I hear most.
Have a blessed Sunday!

Charm and Grace said...

Becky, thanks so much for your sweet words about my lump in the road. Loved the rose photo... so beautiful. I also need to say that your gospel presentation in the subsequent post was so very wonderful and clear.