Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Orchids are Coming!

From January 23 until sometime
in March the folks at Longwood
Gardens will be featuring Orchids.

When we were there on Tuesday
there were workers and volunteers
scurrying everywhere to remove
plants and replace them with
orchids and other spring flowers.

One group of men was in the
process of building a huge
perfume bottle...

When it is completed this will hold
one hundred and forty orchids.

We love watching the transformation happen.
Mikey bumped into at least one person who
knew him in the Conservatory and then we sought
out one of his Supervisors.

We had a very lovely time.
Thanks for your comments on the
kids photos.

We continue to take pictures
and one of them will be suitable
for the boys' senior pics.

I am sure that these pointsettia
will soon be on their way out.
Glad I caught them before that
happened. We totally missed
Longwood at sad.

I do hope your day is a great one!
We have our homeschool co-op
and I will be hosting
our weekly family dinner here so it will
be a busy one.

If that sounds strange,
once a week we eat together
with our mothers and Pastor Mike.
This is a weekly habit that we have no
desire to stop.

I realize that it could have
sounded like we have dinner
together as our family of five
once a week. No, that's not it.
We do that more

Anyway, for tonight,
I think we will have stuffed
pork chops, pasta,
with my homemade Alfredo sauce,
broccoli (Mom) and Peas.

Chelsea will likely whip up
a dessert for all of us.
She is sooo good at that!

Sounds good to me.

Now to get to work
stuffing those chops.



black eyed susans kitchen said...

Becky, Your meal sounds delicious! Orchids are so beautiful...there is something about them that just makes my heart pound a little bit faster. We have a green house here in New Jersey that will also be having a show soon and I wouldn't miss it.
♥, Susan

Brittany Ann said...

Mmmm, your dinner plans sound divine!

Melanie said...

lovely photos, I look forward to seeing pictures of the orchids after they are installed. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I replied to it over there.

Vee said...

Even though the poinsettias are on their way out, they make the most beautiful border. Your photography is lovely...what a delicious shade of coral!

Have fun together at your weekly supper with all the gang. It sounds like the makings of a great tradition!

Tracy said...

great pictures. I have to go to longwood one of these days.

LV said...

You did so well in capturing the detail of the lovely orchids. To me, they are such a pretty flower. One thing for sure, I would have enjoyed your meal.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to whistle when looking at the orchids!!