Saturday, January 9, 2010

One Week Later

It has been a week since Bandit came to live with us. She is such a silly girl! This pink toy with bells in it was the one thing in the house that totally scared her. She would pounce at it and jump back when the bells jingled.

Finally she got over her fear and enjoyed
playing with it.

We are making good progress with the housebreaking.
I have seriously considered the recommendation about
paper training. This cold weather has made that
especially attractive, however, Chloe is enjoying
having a little buddy outside with her.

It is so much fun to see them
trotting all over
the yard together.
Chloe enjoys
showing Bandit the ropes.

My nickname for the puppy?

Little B.

She looks so much like a bear cub but Mom's
dog is already named Bear. So I have been
making Chelsea crazy by calling her Little B.

We did pretty well getting all of them to the vet
on Thursday. It was no surprise that we were
somewhat admonished about Chloe's weight.
She needs to lose 2 pounds. Man, I wish someone
would say I would be "at my ideal weight"
if I lost TWO pounds!

The cats always hate to travel and Thursday was
no exception. Mikey and Chelsea were great.
They made it possible to take all of these guys
at one time.

I need to get moving and make waffle mix.
My family will be up soon and I will use
my new and wonderful waffle maker to make
them happy.

Hope your weekend is wonderful.


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Elena said...

She is super cute!!