Friday, January 29, 2010

Just Chatting...

Thank you for being so
welcoming to Bandit yesterday.
I think it has gone to her head.

Mrs. Rabe you totally cracked me
up with those three simple words...
"Mommy and Daddy?"
I laughed out loud.

I find myself very excited these
days. The candle company is taking
off. Yesterday alone, I was approached
about four new Fundraiser opportunities.

I think that soon I will have to come
up with an alternative site to work.
My kitchen is being outgrown.

Having a business that is seasonal
is a nice thing, as well. I look
forward to the days of Summer when
all of my wax and jars are put away.

The kids and I are reading Dr. Ben
Carson's book, Think Big.

Actually we had started it back before
Christmas and then I forgot about it
after the break. Chelsea asked if we
could get back to it. This book has
a great message.

Find your God given talents, use them
to the best of your ability, with HIS

So many of us choose our life's path
to please someone else or because of
the presumed paycheck that will come
rather than doing what we love and
becoming the best at that.

I remember being in High School and
having my parents discuss my future
with me. They had it all laid out.
I would go to a Christian College in
Florida and study to be a secretary.

That could not have been farther from
what I would have wanted to do.
I expressed this to them and they were
open to my feelings. I did not go to
school in Florida. I found myself working
as a Nanny to two beautiful children before
taking a semester at PSU and then on to become
a dental assistant.

I do remember one interview, however, when
the Doctor asked me where I saw myself in five
years when I answered, "I would love to
be married with children". I didn't get
that job. But, you know, that was o.k.

That was the mission God had called me to.
It has been the main focus of my life
for the past 19 years.

Soon, our guys will be all grown and it is
our turn to encourage them toward the future.

Dr. Carson's book is a perfect
launching tool to get them
thinking about their hopes and dreams.
It has spurred thoughtful conversation for
the boys about why they are choosing the things
they choose. Is Mikey doing landscaping because
he loves it or because he thinks it is what is
expected of him? It seems at this point that
he is pursuing this because he truly enjoys it.
I see his natural giftings at it.

Jonathan is working up the courage to pursue
a love of his own. Psychology. He read a
book on personalities a few years ago when I
told him to choose any book from our bookcase.
It grabbed his attention. The challenge for
Jonathan is his dyslexia and math disabilities.
However, I truly feel that he is totally able
and capable to do this if he wants it badly
enough. I am willing to read him his texts
all the way through...if that were necessary.

I know there is technology available to
read text. Jonathan's needs can be accommodated.
It just takes time, research and persistence.
But we are used to that!

He is also a great writer and artist.
The world is open to him.

Now to get him to believe that.

Your prayers would be appreciated.

Jonathan has come a lot farther
than he knows.
Just recently a friend commented
on his courage for reading out loud
at church. Since his eyes jump around
the page he loses his place often.
Reading is HARD work for him but he
doesn't let it stop him. For this
I am very pleased...and even proud.

It is also a blessing to worship with
people who know him well enough to
appreciate the risk he takes each
time he steps out like this.

Back from this rabbit trail,
following God's call on our life.
It is the perfect way to make a living.
It is the most rewarding way to live.

And now, back to those candles.
I cannot explain why I enjoy them
so much. It is just so rewarding to
use them to help Non-Profits reach their
goals and dreams. It is good.
Sometimes God grants us our wishes in
ways we would never even think of.

That's what has happened here....
I don't expect to get rich from this
but I can help do silly little things
like adopt a crazy little puppy like



SmilingSally said...

I'm glad that you're enjoying the candles, Becky.

Brittany Ann said...

It is so true. As I get older, I often wish I could have back the times I wasted doing what I thought I was driven to do, not what God called me to.

Oh, life's little lessons!

Praying for your kids as they grow!

~~Deby said...

great post and rabbit trail....this sounds like a book I would like to read..even now with my limitations....
thanks for the info on this book..

Vee said...

How wonderful that the business is doing well. This Dr. Carson's book sounds like something I need to read.