Monday, January 18, 2010

Busy Week Coming Up!

Hello Dear Friend,

Just to let you know that I will be
scarcer than usual on here this week.

My laptop caught a bug.

So, that means that if I want to chat
with you I must come downstairs and while
it is not a long journey it takes
me away from the kids, dogs and housework.

Normally, the laptop is on the way to just
about anything I do and I can "allow comments"
very quickly with little disruption to my
routine. This week, it could take longer.

On a different subject,
Bandit and I are starting a new routine.
She is a bit resistant to housebreaking so
we are going to begin taking morning strolls
to help things "move along".

I recall saying that she would be a workout
buddy for she will be that for
me, as well. Guess that is a good thing.

With the advent of a new season of "24" we
were out late last night at our friends home.
Two hours have never gone quite so quickly...
unless it was last year when the show came on.

On our way home we were shaken as we came upon
a large calf meandering on the road. We saw her in
plenty of time and stopped but had serious concerns
as another car came toward us and the calf was in
their lane. Warren flashed the lights and
they were able to stop. Both cars moved together
with the calf in between until we got it to a place
where it could get safely off the road.

Cows and horses are very real late night hazards
in our neck of the woods.
Animals and the many buggies that are
out and about in the late night hours.
Apparently the Amish have a lot of visiting
to do every other Sunday night.

Just moments after seeing the calf and then a dog
on the road we were amused to watch a tiny mouse
cross in front of us. From itty bitty mouse to the
good sized calf it was an interesting drive home.

I'll check back later to see what the most interesting
thing you have ever had to stop the car for might have
been...You always have such great stories!



detweilermom said...

Yes I agree about the Hazards of living in Amish Country. We have encountered a cow in the road before. I am always on the look out for Amish on my way to work although my route does not lead to encounter as many as when work was in Intercourse. Still I do run into quite a few on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. It was good seeing you on Saturday.

Mrs.Rabe said...

The buggies that are out are likely the courting couples...:) They brave the cold to spend the time with their sweethearts!

Vee said...

Sorry that your laptop has a bug. Glad that Bandit has agreed to be your workout buddy. (What happened to the kids? ;> ) The worst thing that I've ever had to stop for was a moose. They are scary because they're so much taller than most vehicles and their hooves can come right through a windshield very easily and they're pretty stupid so they don't know enough to get out of the way.

Carol said...

So sorry your laptop is sick. Hoping today was the beginning of a wonderful week for you!


Janean said...

awwwwwwwwww....hope ms computer get all well. in spite of it all, have a great week!!

most interesting thing in the road was a red fox!

Charm and Grace said...

Becky, thanks for your sweet comment about the lump. The most interesting thing I've had to stop for was a garbage can. Unfortunately, I didn't stop soon enough and it took off my side mirror. :( So sorry about your computer!