Sunday, January 3, 2010

Meet Bandit....

Who would have imagined that this little
bundle of energy and fur would have
captured our hearts so completely.

I think the not knowing if they were going
to approve us or choose us to adopt her made
the desire to have her even stronger.

Bandit is a delight!
We have wrestled with other name
possibilities because Bandit isn't
exactly feminine....
but nothing else fits quite right.
She is a thief...a thief of hearts.

The weather is not cooperating for
housebreaking. It is sooooo cold and
windy out there. The trees moan and
the wind chill is in the teens.

Thank goodness the kids are still excited
about her and have taken her out a lot.

I am sure this will wear off in time and
I will once again be the primary dog person
but maybe it will be warmer then.

The other animals have been amazing with her.
Oliver sniffed her and kept on walking.
Later, Bandit was getting a bit curious and
in his face, Ollie just gently put
his paw on her head and set her back.
Problem solved.
So cute!

Tidbit sits and stares at her...not exactly
thrilled, but not making a fuss.

Chloe has basically showed curiosity
but no animosity. I can imagine they will
be friends very soon.

As for Bandit, herself, she is eating up all
of the attention and lap time. Her "foster mom"
told us that she didn't have nearly the time
to spend with Bandit that she would have liked.

So it was rare to see Bandit down yesterday as
she kept wanting us to hold her...and we obliged.

At dinner time, she tried again to get us to
pick her up. We carefully ignored her and
in just minutes she lay down at our feet.

Very smart.
This dog.

Sorry for the long post about a dog...
but she is such a sweet thing.

Please consider rescues when looking
for a cat or dog. We saw some other very adorable
and well behaved dogs when we went to pick her
up. These dogs seem to know that they have
been saved from something. They are very

Most often it is a good economic move,
as well, because these animals are required
to be spayed or neutered and to have their
shots. This is often already done or, as in
Bandit's case, they will pay for it to be done.
We will take her to them for this when
we are ready.

These dogs aren't "cheap" but
they are so much less expensive
than going to a breeder or a pet store.

And best of all
it gives them a home.
A place, and people, to call their own!



Vee said...

What's the feminine version of Bandit? Bandita? Had to look that one up...definitely not. Bandita is a small band. Ha! Best wishes with the training and may the kids do it forever and may Bandit continue to capture your hearts.

jeanne said...

Dear Becky, I adore Bandit. she is so adorable and I agree she needs lots or reassurance by physical love. It will change as she grows more confident. You are lucky to have her.

We are very much in love with our baby poodle Cheri' AKA CC. We are poodle people and when we tried to find one to adopt they were all older. We had such a hard time putting down our Babette 15 1/2 years old we just couldn't face just a few years with a new poodle.
Dogs bring joy to our lives and they are a blessing when your children are no longer close by.

Have a wonderful doggy time with bandit.

Hugs, Jeanne

Brittany Ann said...

Hi sweet Bandit!

JD said...

So cute...thank you for sharing your pictures!

Kammy said...

Hi Becky !
Congrats on your little rescue ! What a sure to post some more pictures...hopefully the weather will get nicer soon. I have to put sweaters on my little guys and shovel an area in the snow or they just shiver !
Hugs and Happy New Year !

Mrs.Rabe said...

She is a cutie!

Ronda said...

Oh Becky,

I am so glad that you got her!!!
Wow she is just adorable.
I know she will be a happy edition to your family.

Congrats on Bandit!!

Love & Prayers,

Jerri said...

I will be looking forward to lots more pictures and stories of Bandit. If the weather is too cold, like it is here, would you consider paper training her in the house for a permanent solution? Our little ones are paper trained and I just change the paper daily.


Elena said...

What an adorable dog! I am so glad things are going so well with her adjustment to our home.