Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Funeral Today

Today Warren and I have the
honor of attending a Memorial
Service for a man we respect
so very much.

This man was the Elder for our
church until he was 90 years of

Everyone in our fellowship loved

In the last few years he has stayed
closer to his retirement home and
we have not seen much of him.

So...today we will honor Leonard's long
life with his children, grandchildren
and great-grandchildren.

We will remember his wisdom,
his love for the Lord and
his sweet gentle spirit.

We will not be able to avoid
thinking of his dear Margie
who got to Heaven a few years
ago. She was such a gentle southern
lady. So often someone in our church
will quote Margie or say, "What would
Margie say about that?".

It would be o.k. with me if people
remembered Warren and I so fondly
at the end of our earthly life.

This couple was integral to who our
church was during the years they
were with us.

I can imagine that there was
much rejoicing in Heaven when
Leonard arrived.

Rejoice with us in the celebration
of the life of a Saint!



Vickie said...

It IS a celebration of his life here on earth and a celebration in heaven when the Lord calls one of His children home! I know this man and his wife touched many people and hearts, and you never know how far out those ripples go. I know he'll be missed.

Thanks for sharing, Becky. I rejoice with you!

Jerri said...

Our elderly have so much wisdom and insight to offer us, and they do this in such a gentle way. You must feel honored to have known this gentleman.


Elena said...

What a blessing to know that those we have known and love are with the Lord.

Gayla said...

What a tribute to this man. I know several who are like this, and it would be my goal to have any of this said about me someday.

Vee said...

Joyous remembrance! Yes, to be thought of this way would be a great blessing. He and his wife sound like the salt of the earth kind of folks.

Carol said...

Your tribute to Leonard is so heartfelt & full of love. I'm so blessed that you shared this today.


Kelly said...

What a nice post and tribute to someone who obviously made a difference in many lives.