Monday, March 23, 2009

Economic News...and a Huge Heap of Opinion!

Living in Lancaster County can
be a bit like having your finger
on the pulse of the East Coast
Economy. We have watched things
sag. They haven't been devastating
but you could see a downward trend.

People were let go who had worked
at major tourist stops for years.

However, there is a change in the
air. People are coming out and
spending money. Perhaps it is their
tax refunds or just a resurgence of
confidence but I spoke with a friend
who works at one of our local Outlet
Stores. She tells me that she is selling
mid to high end product without any

A friend's son who has been looking for
work for a very long time was recently
hired. In a great job!

Another friend in retail has been given
extra hours because things are picking

I know, this is just a microcosm of the
whole but I have never held to the entire
gloom and doom that the economy was just
going to implode.

These things have gone through cycles since
the beginning of forever. It is natural.

We, as a country, have made bad choices.

This has happened worldwide, as well.

It relates to debt.

You know this.

But, there is a bigger piece to the whole thing.
What goes up, must come down.
How can we ever expect to buy low and sell
high if things only ever go up?

The causes of this particular downturn are
despicable! I am very put out with the
greed and political reasons behind it, but
the resettling of the market is ultimately

I am happy that the Mr. Madoffs of the
world are being flushed out because of
this. It is a very positive thing.

We have lived through things like this
before. We tend to forget.

Here is the scoop...

If people are invested as they should be...
and I question how many are by the reactions
I hear...they should have enough cash available
for a couple of years. Then the rest invested
and having fallen quite low is not as big a
worry. There is time for a recovery.

Over the last decade it was hard to lose money.
People got greedy and shifted way too much of
their savings into the same basket. This
definitely hurts, in the short term.

However, if history repeats itself that money
left alone will come back.

I truly, and honestly believe, that things
are not as bad as we have been led to believe.

I think we are being manipulated for the
benefit of the Politicians who want to make
changes in this Country that are not so good.

Think about it.

Look around.

Check out what people you know are spending
and see if you truly believe more than 25 percent
of this country has been effected by this.
I think it is much lower than that...
of those who have had to change their
lifestyle because of any of this.

I am not saying that things aren't bad.

I am saying they are not as bad as the talking
heads want you to believe.

Can they get worse?

Just sit back and let the government
get away with reclaiming the bonuses
through taxation... after the fact.
It is absolutely nuts that we have come
to call pre-planned, contracted income
bonuses but this will stop if we stop
accepting it. Make changes to the law
now to prohibit that in the future but
if we allow the government to come in and
retroactively tax people's income, we are
on a very slippery slope. When will they
decide to tax another small group of people.
When will you be one of those people?

However, We can get involved. Let our
Representatives know that they actually are
supposed to represent us.
We want less government
intrusion and more freedom.
We want the freedom to
start new companies, spend our money,
invest in the belief that we will recover.

This is a time for us to look at implementing
great ideas. Start up a company that you
have always wanted. Real Estate is almost
affordable. You can get that commercial space
for a better price now than last year...or likely
next year.

Have you heard about the house buying cruises in
Florida. Cracks me up!

You can get on a boat and go up and down
canals buying up foreclosures. People are
doing it. One realtor who was interviewed
said people are spending cash.

My Theory...

they have temporarily pulled out of the market
to buy properties for a song. The market value
will then come back up and they will borrow against
the equity to reinvest.

And thus the cycle of money will continue.
They won't be able to borrow as much as in years
past but they won't care. It will work out well
for many of these who are willing to take the
risk now. Some will lose it all.

I'm not going to jump on that bandwagon (nor am
recommending that anyone else do it
No time or energy for that.
It is my responsibility to
remain focused on family.
But it is one
example of how our economy is helping some who
are willing to work and take on risk for it
to make money.

You don't have to agree but
think about it. Definitely be
very responsible with your finances
and deepen your pantries. Be as self
sufficient as you can be in things of
daily life. Do all that you can to waste
not...these are things that are Biblical.
They shouldn't be new ideas to us.
However, to many of us who have let the
culture of complacency and greed become
a part of our daily lives these skills have
been lost. We can come out of this stronger
and able to be of help and comfort to those who
are hurting.

Be encouraged.
Our God is an Awesome God.
He is our Strength and our Hope!
Don't forget to build up Heavenly Treasure
while preserving your earthly stash.


♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Vee said...

Good wise words.

I'm very glad that things in Lancaster County are starting to look up. In my corner, things continue to plummet. A tax hungry governor and not much income in the first place do not make for a good combination. Businesses continue to flee... My son does have a job interview today, though!

Becky K. said...

Hi Vee,
I hope and pray things go well for your son. I do not mean to minimize the pain of those who are paying the price of this economy. It is real.

~~Deby said...

I do believe that you got this nailed, Becky...our new Prez with his doom and gloom and a congress that is outa much of this is much...yet I go to the stores, they are PACKED...huh?
I pray Americans are wising up...yet those who DO NOT want to WORK for their $$$ love this kind of stuff...looking for gov't to make their life cushy..
Stay close to the Lord...Pray, keep things in balance...
I don't have the answers, I just am trusting ....

Lisa said...

You certainly made me feel better anyway. Since hubby and I both work for the state, they are doing something different with our retirement plans. Neither one of us were ablet to attend the meeting that day. It doesn't sound good. They've voted no raises for state workers. That makes me sad. How on earth can we be so ahead a year before elections now our state is broke? I don't get it. I think you are correct about the political part in this. It infuriates me all the people I know personally who mooch off the government knowing full well they need to get up and work for themselves. It's a very touchy subject with me. whew, I'm done...