Thursday, March 5, 2009

6'4" Prayer Request

This morning I will take our
son, Jonathan, to the
doctor for a second time for
serious pain that
runs down his leg.
Sometimes he has trouble using
this leg because of the pain.

When he was seen a couple of
weeks ago the doctor felt that
he was just having muscle
spasms and sent him home with
pain killers.

I was going to be ok with that
but he said it is at least as
bad as before and sometimes worse.

At his age, giving a kid prescription
pain meds doesn't seem like all
that great of an idea when there is
an ongoing problem and that is the
only "fix".

He doesn't need to become dependent
on these.

So...if you would, just pray that
if they are willing they would
look a little deeper.

Maybe an x-ray or something.
It seems strange to me that a
seventeen year old would have this
kind of pain without a cause.

My side of the family has a history
of back trouble and both my Dad
and brother had back surgery when they
were young...with good results.

I am not rushing to the conclusion
that Jonathan needs surgery, I would
just like prayer that this doctor would
be a little more serious about finding
the source of the nerve pain.

I know Jonathan's height probably contributes
to his back pain.
Being tall is his
cross to bear.

The poor kid, hits his
head on the ceiling fans and even the
ceiling in the basement when he isn't
paying attention.


A concerned Mom.

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Vee said...

Saying a little prayer right now for your son. It does seem that the tall have a lot of challenges sometimes. Is it possible that he's going through yet another growth spurt?

Persuaded said...

i will indeed be praying for your not-so-little-guy! please let us know how things go with the doctor((hugs))

Barb said...

Becky, I'm sorry that Jonathan is dealing with this.

Sending prayers right away.