Friday, March 20, 2009

Organizing Beautifully

First things first,
I am not known for my
organizational skills.

Note: I am about to use
the tool of exaggeration
to make this post sound more
substantial than a basket in
our living

Our home needs a professional
organizer in the worst kind of

However, periodically I find something
to help us toward the right path.

There are a few magazines that
come monthly to our home.
Some for my reading pleasure,
some for homeschool information
and support, others for the kids.

These magazines were eating up space
in our school shelves, lying on every
available horizontal surface and generally
getting on our nerves.

However, they are of value to our family.
They serve a purpose so I am not willing
to cancel the subscription.

Then, last week I was poking through JoAnn
Fabric and found the "perfectly sized" basket at
70 percent off. Originally 19.99 I snagged
this helpful tool for just $6.00.

It is a very small and quick thing to do.
Very fun to run all over the house and gather up
magazines which begin to fill up my darling

My mother-in-law seemed quite impressed as she
brought me another hand-me-down magazine as I
pointed to the basket and told her she could
put it there and help herself to anything in the

A kind of "magazine library" if you will.

Now, understand, this woman is the antithesis
of me. Totally organized.
Has kept her magazines
in a basket for years.
But, now she knows
exactly where to find the
reading material
in our home too.
This should shock and thrill her.

Ollie was very interested in the new basket.
He considers this entire house his and notices
every change.

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♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Teresa said...

{smile} I use a basket for my magazines too-

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Happy Friday, Happy Spring, Happy~Happy Everything!

Persuaded said...

i love those 70 percent off sales at joanne's too;)

Miss Sandy said...

Great find! I like the idea of calling it a magazine library. I am ashamed to admit that I might need a few baskets for my collection. I love popping in to the news stand and finding an new art or decorating magazine. I hoard them for a while and then donate them to the library where others can pick them up for free.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I like your basket! I've always used some sort of a basket or something next to our sofa for magazines. I love having a few close at hand for a little break now and then!