Monday, March 2, 2009

An Involuntary Sigh of Relief

Yesterday I woke up slowly.

Before opening my eyes I tried
to figure out where I was.

As I opened my eyes and saw
that I was in my own room
a contented sigh just found its
way out of my throat.

It is good to finally unpack
here after staying five different
places while we were gone.

It appears we just beat the snow.
It is pretty out there but the snow
is going sideways so it would seem there
is a lot of wind.
The car is completely drifted in.
Mikey will walk to work today.

March is coming in like a lion I hope this
means it will go out like a lamb.

We were married on March 11th twenty years
ago and I remember a major snowstorm during
the week before the wedding and then 70 degrees
with sunshine the Saturday of our big day!
Pennsylvania weather is so fickle sometimes.

I would like to thank a couple of
ladies for blessing me with awards while
we were away...
From Barb, at Bella Vista!

Barb is a relatively new blogger who has taken to it
so well! I love the pretties she shares from her home
in sunny Florida!
Thank you, Barb!

From Tracy, at Tracy's Corner!

Tracy is a very involved Mom who I enjoyed meeting at our
Christmas Tea. She is a very devoted wife and friend who
has shown herself to be generous and caring through her

I am so very far behind with housework and real life that
I am going to skip all of the official hupla that goes
along with these awards. Know that I am very grateful
that you ladies thought of me and anyone who would like
to grab these and honor yourself and others please help

Have a great day!
Whether it is sunny, rainy
or snowy where you are...
♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Barb said...

Becky, so glad you are home safe and sound and had such a lovely time.

Your vacation pics are fabulous...I was telling my husband about them. He is from a family of professional photographers.

Thanks for your kind are so dear.

Hugs, Barb

Karen said...

Welcome home!

Sleeping in one's own bed is never more appreciated than after a vacation, don't you think?

Have a great day playing catch up.

Tracy said...

welcome back!

Mrs. Rabe said...

We are glad you are home!

lady jane said...

Slow and surely get things done. Welcome home, Becky. :o)

SweetAnnee said...

Oh I'm sure it's good to be home.. even if the
weather stinks.

There's no place like home

fondly, Deena

Tracy said...

Hi, Becky! Welcome home! So glad you had a grand time while away! Glad you had a safe trip...And I'm sure you're settling in home nicely again. :o) Congrats on your many lovely awards! And my husband and I were married in March too. It has already snowed a lot, but our day was gray, rainy and cold--but still the best day! Soon 9 years for us. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))