Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My First Bread Making Oopsie!

I am unwell.

Lets just blame everything
on that.

So what if it is just the
flu/cold that everyone else has?

I have it, so it is horrible!

There has been a lot of reading
happening here because of this.
Much couch time while supervising
"the students" in their various

Well, in the book I finished
yesterday, there were so many
references to kneading bread,
baking bread and all things
bread-like that I just could not
wait to make more bread. So...
I made my dough.

Dough for the yummy French sweet bread
and a new Amish White Bread recipe.
It was so wonderful.
My family laughed
at my enjoyment.
Who knew that making bread was so
fulfilling and fun!

As I cut the dough and made my pretty
braids...I have decided that rather than
two larger braided loaves I enjoy making
several tiny braided loaves...remember, I
am a rebel. You can read about that here.

Anyway, as I braided away I was
having a wonderful time.

The bread rose and was finally oven ready.

Into the hot oven it went.

Here is where things go awry...

Because I am not feeling well,
I don't want the dogs snuggling.
They love to snuggle. Whether I am
on the couch or in my sick bed.

So, I went in my room and closed the
door to keep them OUT. Poor things.

I was watching an old episode of
Seinfeld. The one where Kramer bastes
himself in butter up on the roof of their
apartment building...sunbathing...
burnt to a crisp, ironically.

Finally, I begin to smell bread. Through
the closed door and with a nose that is
functioning at about half.

Then, was that the timer
beeper, I heard?
It was...wonder how long
that had been going off?

My poor little breads.

They are very dark.

Still edible but not as wonderful as they
should be. The sad thing is that the dough
rose beautifully. It smelled so good. We
were so ready for perfection.

Stupid Cold!

The white bread is fine.
Not as good as Karen's Whole
Wheat recipe though. I'll be
making that again very soon.

Maybe I'll wait a couple of days
until both my nose and ears work

Stay well!!

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Persuaded said...

well honey they look pretty nifty to me nonetheless!

just tell your family it's "crusty bread" and it is *supposed* to be crunchy like this;)

hope your cold feels all better soon, hon((hugs))

Terri and Bob said...

I think they look marvelous!

Karen said...

If the bread is a little dry, it's the perfect time to try it as French toast. It is my favorite bread for that! (I know, I probably have said that about 50,000 times already.)

LOL on you being a rebel and making several smaller loaves. The original recipe calls for making it as a ring, I believe. I never have made it that way, though. Guess I'm a rebel, too.

Hope you are feeling back to normal very soon. This weather has been wreaking havoc with my sinuses so I feel your pain.

How old is Chelsea? My girls will be 14 and 12 in July. I'll have to show them her blog. Both my girls would find things in common with her, I think. Allison loves animals (except being a little scared of some dogs) and Julianne is a crafter and is really enjoying starting to sew. I know she'd love the fabrics Chelsea has used on her projects.

Whew-I'll hush now. lol

Becky K. said...


Chelsea is 13 until July 6th.

She loves having her own blog. I won't let her do one outside of my blogger account, though, so it gets funny sometimes because my picture comes up on her blog and sometimes it looks like I am commenting to myself if I comment there. I don't is safer for her that way.


Karen said...

Wow, our girls are close in age. Julianne will be 14 on July 1.

I saved her blog to Julianne's favorites. My girls aren't online much, but when they are, they'll be checking it out.

I hear you on the internet safety issues. There's a lot that's scary out there, especially for our kids.

Mrs. Rabe said...

My friend, I am waiting, almost patiently for the recipes from our mutual friend Karen! :)

I would hate to have to go behind your back...I am dying to try the sweet french bread as french toast.

Are you going to blame this on your cold too? hee hee

Love you!

Becky K. said...

Oh My Dear Mrs. Rabe,
Yes! Let us blame it on the Cold.

In reality I printed out some of the recipes and think that I copied them to a file on my computer and cannot find them.

You have forced a confession.

I will look again.
However, I will type them out for you if necessary.

You are worth it!


Carol said...

I think your bread looks yummy! I love the braided look!


~~Deby said...

Becky....OHhhhhh..I hope you don't have the version that lingers with a stupid annoying cough forever....drink lots of hot tea...LOTS...
I think you are BRAVE to even attempt this whilst feeling so poorly...
I still think the breads look beautiful and I am sure your home smelled WONDERFUL...
now....get lots of rest...lots of liquids..and be good to yourself...

Vee said...

Awwww, well they look marvelous to me and I'm certain that they taste wonderful. This reminds me of what FlyLady says about housekeeping, which is that even done imperfectly it blesses the family. I'm sure it's equally true of breadmaking. Hope that you feel better very soon!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, they look wonderful!!


She'sSewPretty said...

I think your bread looks good! If I had made it the top would have been truly I hate my oven. It couldn't possible be my fault that I burn every thing I bake! LOL
Get better soon!

l♥ve my 2 guys! said...

It looks delicious to me! I give you major kudos just for having the patience to make bread!!

HOpe you get better soon!!

Karen said...

I'll send the recipes to Dee. It's a cinch from Mastercook.

Karen said...

Do you need me to resend any of them?

Becky K. said...

I sent her the French Sweet Bread recipe. You can send her the others and copy me again if you don't mind. I printed some and moved some to other files...just can't find them. Drives me crazy when I do that. We have a network and I sometimes do things on one computer or another and then forget where I put things. Drives Warren crazy when I do that too.