Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jonathan Update

This is a flashback to 2001
at a VBS the kids attended in
Willow Street, PA.
See how Jonathan is bending over
to be in the photo?
That is the
story of his life.

We literally began looking for
this house when we noticed how
hard it was for Jonathan to get
around his room in the Cape Cod.

We sometimes watch the show,
Little People, Big World.
Jonathan thinks there should
be a show called Big People,
Little World. He wants to
be the star of that show.

Jonathan has completed his
second Physical Therapy session.

I hope these help because they
sure do hurt in the short term.

It is almost comical.
His Physical Therapist is as
tiny as he is big.

Her name is Heather and she has
spunk. They seem to get along

I stayed for the evaluation
and first session but just dropped him
off for the second.

We get to do this three times a

Thanks for asking about him and
for keeping him in your prayers.

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Vee said...

It's so true that there is quite a bit of pain involved with PT in the short term. Then most people say that they couldn't have made it without it. I'm so glad that your son and his therapist get along well. If she's got spunk, she'll be a good encourager.

Have a wonderful weekend, Becky!

jAne said...

Oh, my husband knows something about being big. He's 6'6" and has a pickle of a time feeling comfortable in a 'normal' world. Our vehicles are always purchased with his comfort in mind. As a pint-sized pipsqueek, I adapt. From chairs to couches to beds to cars to overall living, the tall guys have a touch time. Included in this are physical difficulties..quick growth makes way for aches and pains and other atrocities.

I'm praying PT will help in Jonathan's challenges. <><

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Becky,

Thanks for the update. I have been thinking about him and will continue to keep this in prayer.

Sending wonderful thoughts,

Kelly said...

We hope that these physical therapy sessions will be beneficial to Jonathan. He has certainly endeared himself to us, as did Mikey and Chelsea. We will continue to pray.

Lisa said...

Trust me, tall women appreciate tall men. My first hubby was 6'6.5". He had a heck of a time getting his feet out of a car. Trucks were easier, but my grand am just didn't quite do it for him. Hopefully all will work out in the end. Does the pipsqueak give him homework to do? Usually that comes with it. Stretching of some sort.

I have a question for you. Did you do a post about painting over wallpaper at one time? I'm trying to find the individual that did that and you came to my mind first. If so I have some questions for you.

Persuaded said...

so glad your "little guy" is getting some help. i had pt for some arthritis in my back... it was excruciating at first, but it helped so much in the long run.

blessings to you my dear♥