Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bits and Pieces from Yesterday...

In spite of feeling less than stellar,
I realized we had a rather
interesting day.

First, at the recommendation
of Karen of Blue Barn Bulletin,
I took a small loaf of the
over baked bread and, using my new
cast iron skillet, turned it
into this...

French toast!

I have wanted a cast iron skillet
since last year. Our Moms gave us
a large and a small one for our
Anniversary a couple of weeks ago.

I love cooking in them!

Karen was right, The French Toast was
and disappeared quickly!

Makes me want to host a breakfast
so we can set a pretty table
and serve this with other lovelies.

Then school began and we had a fun
morning of learning together.
The History of England, Iceland
and New Zealand were most memorable.
Some days it just clicks and we have
a great time...this was one of those

Yesterday was a special day for
Jonathan since Friday will be his
18th birthday. Grandma Ruth
has to work so we arranged well
in advance to go to dinner at
Ruby Tuesday, his choice, for this:

The Colossal Burger!
Jonathan loves this monster

Chelsea and I left the house early and managed
to get a little shopping in before
dinner. I wanted to visit the
Oneida Outlet before they close next month.
I have a good amount of the Mandalay
dishware that you see above. The
square plate and the large dinner plate
that the bread was on in yesterday's post.

Well, I now own more.
It was 80 percent off.
I got the smaller sized dinner plates
and dessert plates.

What fun!

Finally after about an hour of poking
through several outlet stores
we met Jonathan, and the rest of the
family over at the Ruby Tuesday.

Grandma Ruth gave Jonathan a funny card
about being " A grown-up". It shows a
man holding a pink flamingo. This,
apparently being what grown-ups
look like.
It asks if he is sure he wants
to be a grown-up...funny!

She searched and searched for a pink
flamingo for
Jonathan but finally found this dog toy.

Here Jonathan, Mom and the card post for
a picture.

And then another one since you can see the
pain in Jonathan's eyes in the first one.

After dinner Chelsea and I went to the Dress Barn to
scare up a dress for Easter, leaving Jonathan in the
car to listen to a new CD....a birthday gift.

After a very long time, Chelsea and I emerged
from the store and he took our picture as we
approached the car.

We were triumphant, having found just the
right dress! A lovely lady named Victoria
was most helpful. Chelsea tried on so many

A quick stop at another store to put our names
on a list for a hard to come by game... which will
allow our kids to play music online with their
cousins in Florida...that is Jonathan's real
birthday gift...the ability to play with
his cousins so many miles away...
finally we arrived at home!

Grandma Georgia popped over with a card for
Jonathan and this photo was taken.

It is a keeper! Too bad Jonathan's eyes
are closed though.

I believe this guy is
still growing. He has noticed new places
that he has to duck in our house...

PT is not going as well as we had hoped.
He has a doctor's appointment soon and
we will see if they want to run more tests.
I think it is time.
His Therapist was the one to say maybe he
should see the doctor again.
So, we will see.
Thanks for your prayers.

To my brother Allan, and Bev,
you are missed during
the family dinners like this. I was
thinking of you as I posted. Hope
you feel a part of the
celebration, even if it is by
way of the Internet.

While I am doing shout-outs...

Miss Shelley, the kids asked when
you are coming to visit. You are
to come whether you bring your kids
or not. They have determined you are
fun all by yourself. Seriously!
That discussion actually took place.
They were in agreement.

So...come on down!

Hope you all have a wonderful

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Terri and Bob said...

French toast with homemade bread. How more wonderful can it get? Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures!

Found out that when you go private, your posts no long show up on people's lists. If you find out how to do it, let me know.

Persuaded said...

well, my gracious, that sounds like a very busy day- especially for someone not feeling terribly spiffy!

*love the dishes
*french toast- yumm!
*love the dishes.. that color is divine☺
*happy birthday to the boy
*wow!that is one HUGE burger (what is it with boys and meat anyway???)
*funny picture
*congrats on the dress success
*awwww... how sweet♥

phew!.. did i miss anything?;)

Karen said...

My girls love you!

Every day you post pics or talk about the French bread, I consider making it. I have finally succumbed and it is rising on the counter right now.

I don't make that recipe much through the year, usually for the holidays and again when we go to camp (for French toast, of course!). Your freqent mentions and pictures have me craving it-so my girls love you!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, the french toast looks so yummy.

Great pics and I am still praying for Jonathan and will continue to do so.


Vee said...

Still growing? Oh my! It must be a challenge to have to duck in your own home. Keeping Jonathan in prayer for some answers and for relief from pain.

You are going to love your skillets...try biscuits, corn bread, even cookies baked in them. (See Brin's recipe from My Messy Thrilling Life before her blog goes down in April.)

Glad that the perfect dress was found. Oh, I stand amazed that you covered the history of England and two others in a morning. :D

Melissa said...

Ohh, i love french toast!

Happy Birthday to Jonathan!

l♥ve my 2 guys! said...

MMMMM....I LOVE homemade french toast!!

HAppy 18 to your son!! Sounds like a fun filled, busy day!!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan!! What fun days. I've always wanted to cook with an iron skillet. Now that I have that glass top stove I guess I won't get to. Anyhoo, I hope your son is okay. I'll add him to my prayers too. Pain is definitely no fun, especially on your birthday.

PS, Saturday I am starting to mud the seams of my wallpaper. Wish me luck!