Monday, March 16, 2009

Shopping with Heart

In a little town nearby
is a special treasure of a

It is The Spina Bifida
Resource Thrift Shop.

When I find myself running
low on mugs for hot chocolate
candles I run to this little

At Christmas time I found the most
adorable assortment of holiday
mugs at a price I could afford.

Since my business is primarily
fundraisers for individuals headed
out on mission trips, I have to keep
my overhead low.
I give my fundraisers
50% no matter how much
or how little
they sell.

So, buying mugs for over a dollar
is out of the question or I would
essentially be paying in instead of
just over even on these hot chocolate

Anyway...when I ran over to this shop
last week to pick up mugs I took the
camera. I asked permission to capture
some of the feel of the shop to share

Most of us are cutting back on our spending
right now...whether that is the best thing
to do, or not, it is what comes naturally
thanks to uncertainty.

However, one place we can
afford to spend a little and make a huge
difference is in shops like this.

The ladies that run this Thrift Shop are
very devoted to the cause. Spina Bifida
is one of those birth defects that you don't
hear that much about but those that are
born with it have many needs. The research
has gone a long way to discover the causes
and prevent many new cases.

These are some shots of this store...

Meet Diane...she has the biggest
heart and smile of anyone I know.

If you can believe it
I actually left with just
my mug purchases but there
were many other things to
love this day.

Spina Bifida Resource is in the process of
doubling the size of this store. So I am
very excited to see the things they pull out
of storage. As it was, Diane went in the back
and brought out additional mugs for me to look
at. Such is the service
and the heart in this place...

I found these to be interesting.
Maybe a little creepy...but

I shop Goodwill and other second hand
shops but I love coming here because it
is not as well known and the selection
is good.

The cause is unique and the money is
well spent.

If you are in Lancaster County...I hope
you will stop into this precious little
place. Tell them you saw it on my blog.

It is the Spina Bifida Resource Thrift Shop
in Quarryville. You will find them on State
Street... which is also home to the Quarryville
Family Restaurant and Stoner Decorating Center,
where I often find wallpaper borders for
$2.00 per roll.

And if you happen into
the Thrift Shop while Diane is there...
you will see that
million watt smile!
I have never known her
to be without it!

So, go on, show some
"shopping heart" and visit
a thrift shop with a cause
near you this week.

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Mrs. Rabe said...

I didn't know they were there! Wow! I will need to run in there soon!

Vee said...

Thirty pieces for $8! I wouldn't have made it out of the store without them. Thanks for sharing about this special shop. It looks amazing!

Ronda said...

Hello my sweet Becky,
How are you and your sweet family?
I hope you all truly enjoyed your vacation.

I just love thrift stores. I wish there was one like that one here where I live. Oh well. enjoy your shopping, just keep sharing those photo's with us please.

Love & Prayers,

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, what a lovely shop and lovely ladies.

Such a delightful post!


jAne said...

Wow, there are oodles of treasures at that shop. How wonderful that the proceeds go to such a worthy cause. :o)

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

I'll definately have to check that thrift store out the next time I'm out that way.

I just had to tell you this:
One of our pastors was showing us her charm bracelet. One of the charms was the church at St. Simons. I though, Oh, I know about that church. My blog friend told me about it and shared pictures. So, Becky, thanks again for sharing about St. Simons.

Persuaded said...

how sweet! it looks like they really have an eye for putting things out in a pleasing way... what a pleasure to shop and have it all go for such a good cause♥