Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Busy Week Serves as a Reminder

Busy Day in Dollville by Bessie Pease Gutman
Busy Day in Dollville

We are having a busy week this
week as used to be normal to us.

Sometimes events all fall into
the same week of the month.
Such is the case this week.

Saturday morning was a homeschool
related breakfast.
Sunday was special
in that we installed our Elders and
Associate Pastor at church, had communion
and a fellowship meal and then had a
Congregational Meeting after which we
sat and chatted until 6pm.
Brought some friends home with us and
later went over to the Rabe's so Warren
could get their wireless working with
Deanna's new laptop.

Last night was another Homeschool meeting...
tis the season, I guess and then tomorrow
night is book club. There is a church
event on Friday evening. So...that leaves
tonight and Thursday without formal plans.

However, today is bowling and Thursday is
Homeschool Co-op...the last one for this
school year. I am making special plans
toward this for my classes.

There are obviously school days to complete
and candle orders to fill. One son to take
to work and another to Physical Therapy.

A meal to make for a very dear friend.
Sooo happy to do this. I even hope to
take them some of my newly conquered
French Sweet Bread to go with the lasagna
and Salad.

For this week these are our chosen
...next week will be back
to the sanity.

I cannot believe we used to live like
this all of the time.
What were we thinking???

Have you made any changes in your schedule
to save your sanity?

We have found our
communication with teenagers is much
better when we are not gone most evenings
of the week. They seem to appreciate the

So...once we are through this craziness...
back to the quiet life we have come to

Mrs. Rabe and I were talking about this
on Saturday as we went to an event together.
It is so easy to continue to pile on
responsibility of things that are good.

However, just because it is a good thing
doesn't mean that it is something that
should obligate us to it or take us away
from our families in the tender years.

It is so easy to see a once a month commitment
as no big deal and then end up with five
separate monthly commitments. Sigh...how
well I know this one.

So...anyway...this week is my object lesson
in keeping my commitments under control and
not returning to that craziness we once called

That is the encouragement to be found here.
It is possible to let things go.
If we can do it...you can do it.
That is for sure.
Then, when you have the occasional week like
this, you can smile and say to yourself...
"Next week...back to the calm life."

Have a wonderful day and a peaceful week.

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Ronda said...

Good Morning my busy Becky,

Wow you sure do have a lot going on this week. You make me tired just thinking about all of that.

I hope & pray that all goes well.

Have A Peachy Keen Day my sweet friend.

Love & Prayers,

Mrs. Rabe said...

Amen and Amen! For me, instead of bowling, a doctor's appointment, last minute errands today. Tomorrow, hubby's hip replacement. Otherwise our week is remarkably similar to yours.

Carol said...

I remember those crazy days when our son was in high school. So many meetings & events to attend, not to mention our house was always filled with his friends. I enjoyed those days even though we were so busy. Great memories!

Terri and Bob said...

Hi Becky!

Looks like you are in the throes of raising teens! Our weeks used to look more like that than they do now! You will survive!

Vee said...

I love that Bessie Pease Gutman picture! So cute...

My goodness, a week like you're having would slay me. Hope that you enjoy every minute, though. I'm sure that when it all winds down, you'll find your second wind.

Tracy said...

It's one of those ultra-busy weeks at our house too! Just think it's Tuesday already...one day closer to the weekend--LOL! ;O) Today is actually hubby's and my 9th wedding anniversary! Not because we're Irish as you know ;o)...it was the only date available for our winter courthouse wedding--LOL! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Tracy said...

I'm right there with you! Working on lighten my load too. Tell me the sercet if there's one!?!

jAne said...

I'm of the (increasing) belief that "less is more" on all fronts. I'm getting too old to be too busy. ;o) But **you**, you're a youngster and have energy. Can you bottle some up and send it my way? Gee, thanks. :o)


~~Deby said...

I *DO* remeber trying to do it all when my kids were being raised...and not knowing which event/committment would be the one that would upset EVERYTHING, many times we had to re-assess, stop some things..and get back to just *us*
Even now with fibromyalgia, I have to personally pace myself, not to have to many things in a row---and also realize that IF I do, I will be in bed or my recliner for a few days..NOT FUN

Karen said...

We go through busy/quiet cycles. Last week was a week of many outside commitments, this week is not, thankfully.

I like the quiet weeks but have to strive to find a balance between busy/quiet. As in most things, finding balance is often the hardest part for me.

Persuaded said...

my gracious.. you *do* have a busy week!

when i used to work outside of the home, our life was a blur. i hated it. desperately. since i have been home i try to keep things slow.

i have a question for you.. have you found others to be judgmental of your choices to limit outside activities? there are some on my circle who feel that kids need to do more, be out of the house more, busy is better! our kids each have one activity outside of church and homeschool and i think that is plenty... but like i said, others disagree;)

Becky K. said...

I agree with you completely. Since our church is our primary source of fellowship, it and our Homeschool Coop meet most of the external needs of our children. Of course, as they get older and get jobs they are busier and exploring the "real world" as well.

I don't worry too much about what others say...We are called to be faithful to what we feel the Lord has called us to do for our children. That can vary by child, as well. Our daughter is very social and we often have her friends here...sometimes she visits there...but we are able to accomodate each one's special personality and likes while maintaining a schedule that doesn't drive us "too crazy".

I could never be the type of Mom that has kids in all of the sports and every possible activity...it is just not that important to us, or our kids.

Thanks for asking. I love seeing the types of things you do with your children.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Wow....this post hits home with me. I am knee deep in exams, doctor/dentist visits and trying to get both kids registered for next year...this has been a very busy month for me and the best way I can handle it was to NOT sit at the computer. My kids function better when they have my full attention....it's hard sometimes to balance everything isn't it?

I'm looking forward to Summer.

Persuaded said...

becky... you put it so well- each child has his/her unique personality and differing needs in the socializing department. honestly, our social life seems to ebb and flow over the years... depending on what stage various kids are in (and mama's energy level as well, lol)
blessings to your sweet family, dear♥