Saturday, March 21, 2009

So Much Fun!

It would probably have been
a good idea for those of us
who wished to work on projects
to bring the things we needed...
However, we made the best of
it and a great time was had.

I did not have the next photos
needed to continue in my album
so I did a couple of cute
pages of Chelsea that can be
slipped into her album when I
get around to making it.

One friend finished a project but
did not have floss to begin the
next. I am impressed with the one
she finished!

She did not spend a moment
in waste, however, as her conversation
and helpfulness for others was a real

Kelly and I traded off on the things
we had adhesive
and circle cutters.

The many who worked on rockets seemed
to have a wonderful time...
They made a fine mess!

I know I say it a lot but isn't it
great to see all generations in fellowship

This Grandfather and Grandson had
a wonderful time together.
Building memories and rockets!

We don't put up with each other at our
church. We enjoy each other!

Well, on another front, I am taking
an idea from Susan, at her Black Eyed Susan's Kitchen Blog,
and beginning a reading and walking program.
She has lost ten pounds reading as she walks
on her treadmill. I had become discouraged
with the treadmill because I thought I would
distract myself with TV while walking. The
treadmill is so loud that I gave up on that.
However, this morning I walked a mile and finished
a book that I have been picking at for two weeks.
Pray with me that this works. I am definitely
at an unhealthy weight and need to do something!
Usually I give in to the pain.
I don't want to do that this time.
Perhaps if I am distracted by the many
good books waiting to be read here it won't
hurt so much! I so hope!!!!

Off to make candles.
This order is all 8 oz jars.
Should be easy enough.

Have a blessed day!

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Persuaded said...

looks like you all had fun at church! that needlework project is so beautiful...

i will be praying for you and your walking/ fitness goals. i'd really like to have a treadmill myself..

JD said...

It does look like you all had a fun night...and the needlework is just beautiful. Your pages are great...and I can relate to always forgetting something, that's why I never seem to accomplish much when I go to a "crop" night away from home, I do much better when I invite friends to come and craft with me around my dining room table...Blessings, Jill

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Yay you! Keep walking...It will make you feel better,and it is the nicest thing you can do for you. Becky, read books that make you laugh and smile and you will keep at it.
♥, Susan

jAne said...

What a nice way to enjoy your church family, Becky. :o) The cross stitch piece is beautiful! I admire people who have the patience for counted cross stitch. wow.

About needing to get healthy. I'm in the peanut gallery waving at you. See me? Look lower cuz I'm short. o/ (that's supposed to be me waving.)

Karen said...

That walking thing is one of my goals, too. I don't like trying to read while I walk books work better for me but the selection is much smaller. Do you hear all my excuses in there? ;-) I seriously need to get moving and reading is a great incentive for me so I may try holding a real book again.

I love your multi-generational activities. We skip most of our church social things because they are very age-specific. That just isn't for us. Wish I could come to church with you and Deanna. It seems to me that you wouldn't lose the kids after high school as much as we seem to. Is that true?

Becky K. said...

Hey Karen,

Other than the commute you should just come on over to our!

We truly hope that keeping the young people interested in things of the Lord is a result of this type of worship and fellowship.

We want the young people to know that they are the church as much as the adults are. It is not going to be a sudden shock...oh, we are adults...we have to take responsibility, now?? The relationships they are building now are going to be such a blessing as they grow into the leadership roles with their elders.

They are already learning the ways of leadership, family and descipleship.


daisy said...

I love the pages you did...very unique and beautiful. Especially the flower page, but then you already knew I was a flower girl, didn't you?

Thanks for your sweet encouragement. I do drive myself crazy but I usually keep it to myself. Ha!

Vee said...

How blessed you are to be a part of a fellowship where the members truly love one another. It is quite rare, truly.

Terri and Bob said...

Such a love inspired, peaceful post!

Becky, since I have gone to a private blog, my posts no longer come up on the follow list. Bummer.