Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I am Hanging On!

Those of you who have grown
children already know that at
some point life goes into
fast forward and your children
are suddenly making grown up
decisions...you are left thinking
how proud you are...but where did
the time go?

This week Mikey will have an interview
for a real job. Although he is just
sixteen, this job would be the perfect schedule
for him to continue his schooling and
would be similar to attending a
tech school.
He would learn sooooo much!

We will see if this is what the Lord has
in store for him. I am excited and
nervous all at the same time.

The thought of dropping him off for the
interview and not going with him just
boggles my mind. However, we are very
familiar with the company and many of the
people there. We trust it.

It is hardest on him to think of
leaving the local Feed and Garden
Supply Store where he has worked
part time since he was fourteen.
This kid is a worker. He has loved
it. His boss is absolutely awesome!
Mikey has been so conscientious and
loyal. I am proud of the person that
he has become...

My Baby Boy!!!!

Growing up so quickly!

If you have been through this, I need
your encouragement.
He will do well.
It will be ok.
I will survive.
You know, platitudes will be accepted.

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Terri and Bob said...

I know, its hard to see them grow up! The opportunity sounds amazing, though. Good luck and God bless!

Mrs. Rabe said...

He is ready and it is who he is.

In times other than these, young adults were just that, adults!

He will learn and grow, and become more mature and responsible.

Such a good thing, Becky!

Ronda said...

Oh my, I do so understand what you are going through. There does come a time in the life of every parent when you must (to a certain degree) turn loose, trust him & God's leading in his life, and then just with your whole heart Trust God. You have raised you children well, taught them all you could, led them towards God, taught them all about God & His son Jesus Christ, seen to it that they were safe, loved, protected, nurtured, mothered & fathered, and so many other things. Now it is time to let go and let God lead, guide, protect, teach, direct, instruct, and be in control of him, his life, his heart, and all that he he does and will do.

Please know that I will be keeping you in my prayers, as always.

Love & Prayers,

Gayla said...

Boy, do I ever understand. There's an ad on tv now with the idea that toddlers are asking to borrow the keys and for cell phones or something.. The parent sees them as toddlers, but they are really all grown up... isn't that the truth? I loved every age my son went through.. I'd love to have 27 little boys, each one a different year old from his life!!!! Hang in there and roll with the changes.. It's wonderful, actually...

Kelly said...

Wow! Good luck, Mikey! I hope it all works out -- how exciting! And, don't worry, Becky, just because they are growing up doesn't mean that they won't still want to spend some time with their parents. At least I hope not! I know, I can't really say much -- I'm not there yet!