Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Three Giant Steps

...a poem by Garry Sutley...My Dad
Written in 2001

My Dad always sent out Christmas Cards
with his original writings on them.
This is from Christmas 2001.

In the splendid realm called Heaven, far beyond the starry band,
Spoke the Father to Beloved, seated at His own right hand:
"Take one giant step my dear One." said the Father tenderly.
"Father, may I, with your blessings, step outside eternity?"

So it was that Baby Jesus came to sleep upon the hay.
God, contained in body human, came to earth one glorious day
Wearing flesh by Him created, here the Great Creator dwelt.
Wholly Other made Incarnate, by His bed poor shepherds knelt.

Thirty years and more of walking in the weary ways of men
Then He heard His Father speaking: "Step, my dear One, step again.
Take another step, Beloved. Cross the greatest gulf of all."
"Span the gap by sin created, the rebellion called 'the fall'."

Well He knew that Holy Justice asked a sacrifice of blood,
and that He alone could give it, there was no one else so good.
Yet, His human flesh was shrinking from the pain and agony,
so He said, "Be pleased, my Father, Let this sad cup pass from me.

Nonetheless, because I love You, and I love my brother men.
I will do just as you ask me. Father, may I step again?
Step from life's amazing vigor into death's awaiting pain?
Step away from my enjoyments for the rebel race's gain?

Yes, my Father I will do it! I will walk to Calvary
And I'll bridge the yawning chasm when I die upon the tree."
So our Lord, the Great Creator, died upon a rugged cross
And to angels that observed it, seemed a overwhelming loss.

Deep inside the rocky hollow that was the Beloved's grave.
One more time a voice was heeded; Son, if You would fully save,
There's one giant step remaining. Step from death to life anew."
Father, may I? Let me show them. Let me prove that death is through.

Seated in eternal glory, at His Father's own right hand
Ne'er to die, O wondrous story, Heaven's King is the God/Man.
He three giant steps has taken; He has crossed the chasms wide
So that one day in His presence we, forever, may abide!

♥♥Becky K.♥♥

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Mrs. Rabe said...

It is such a gift to your family that you have all those poems as a heritage!

Merry Christmas, dear friend!