Monday, December 1, 2008

The Crash!

This week and then weekend ended up being
much busier than I had hoped. With Pastor
Mike out of town, Warren and I had the pressure of
putting the service together and just making
sure the details that he usually takes care
of were handled. It isn't that much...but
on top of decorating and helping a friend
move it just was enough to tip the scales.

Then Sunday Morning my friend, who was supposed
to bring breakfast to church, called and said she was ill.
This was not entirely unexpected since she
had to leave "the move" early on Saturday because
of stomach pain. I was prepared to stick some
quick cinnamon rolls in the oven, grabbed some apples
and cheese and crackers and...ta-da...breakfast was ready...

I wanted to tell you that I had seen a post
on Terri's blog about using a cooking bag in
the crock pot. I wanted to try that and had
a huge piece of pork. I put it in on Saturday
evening before I went to bed and awoke Sunday
to the most glorious smell of meat...ok so it
wasn't that great to wake up to...but we can

What was great though, was that I added sour kraut,
cinnamon and brown sugar to the bag, twisted it shut
and took it to church for the fellowship meal.
While it was mean of me to take such a smelly meal
to share...The meat was absolutely melt in your mouth
tender and there was no mess to clean up in the
crock pot! Yay!!!! Love that tip. I'll be buying
stock in the Reynolds Company...well, I should!
I use that crock every other Sunday.

I found myself beyond tired last night.
It was so hard not to invite our friends
over as we were leaving. I really wanted to
because it would have been a chance to talk
without a houseful...but I knew my body was

When we got home I realized that I had left
my purse at the church. I blame that on the
nerves of letting Mikey drive...that anticipation
of fear does strange things to you!

Actually, he is doing very well.
I am a forgetful woman who had both
hands full and simply forgot.

Since I had to go out to get my purse anyway...
I remembered that the cats needed food.
They really needed food.
We were starting to look good to them.
I'm pretty sure they were licking their
chops as they purred contentedly just
over our shoulders on the back of the

So, out into the rain, one more time.
When I got to the church the piano beckoned
and I sat down and played a little.
So fun, when there is absolutely no one to
hear...I sang too!
Just because I could.

Finally, I left and made that quick stop
at the store for the cat food.
By now the rain was coming down
in buckets.

Back home to CRASH!

Boy, did I!

My eyes were nearly shut for the rest of
the evening. We watched football...
and more football. It has been many months
since we have just sprawled out on the couch
on a Sunday Evening. It's a good thing my snoring
didn't hurt the Steelers. They won in spite of
my lack of attention.

Finally, the family was hungry. We whipped up
a taco salad. It went quickly.

While cooking, I had to keep running to a TV to see the Michael
Phelps interview on 60 Minutes. It has been forever
since I have watched that show. Michael's dedication
to his sport is an amazing thing to see. He is
about to begin training for the next Olympics.
I would most likely never want to see water again!

Can you believe that as tired as I was, I ended up
blog hopping until 10:30pm?
Oh, you can?
Of course you can.
You are here, aren't you?

Oh well, some things are just worth the lack of sleep.

Blessings on your day!

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Tracy said...'s always amazing how no matter how tired we might be, we still what to be online, seeing what's happening with our friends...LOL! ;o) Great tale, Becky...Hope you did get some rest! ((HUGS))

Lisa said...

Just when i think I need to go to bed, I get on the computer and voila, I'm awake. You were busy weren't you? We have today off too so I am going to do a little cyber surfing myself!!

She'sSewPretty said...

Wow! What a day! I am going to try the bag in the crock pot tip. Thanks for staying up and visiting my blog last night! I have a "Mikey" too that will soon be driving. Yikes!